Are You In A Toxic Circumstance?

toxic circumstance

“You opened my eyes that day, to the fact that I have what it takes to make it as a Chiropractor.  I have just been going down the wrong path with it all.  I have spent so much time, effort and money focused on the wrong things which hasn’t gotten me anywhere.  In fact, it has worn me down and bummed me out which I have then passed this and my stress onto my family- my husband and my daughter.  I am ready to start fresh!  I am going to change not only how I handle my patients, but also my staff.  You made me realize that I had been letting people walk all over me.  I wasn’t standing before anyone and telling my truth.  Instead I was backing down and giving in.  Although I hated the role playing, you made me realize walking in your comfort zone doesn’t really get you anywhere in life.”

Dr. Kelley, H

Every DC has a different idea of the term ‘success’. Maybe seeing 100 patient visits a week is your definition of success. For others, it’s seeing 500 patient visits per week.  Many DCs measure success by financial means only. Lots of DCs lean more towards purpose, meaning in their lives and being in service to others.

Where is it written that it’s either/or, rather than both?

Far too many DCs find themselves in circumstances that are not to their liking, or are toxic.  The problem is that they don’t have the tools to get out of the toxic circumstances!

Toxic circumstances don’t necessarily mean that the fur is flying, or that you’re facing bullies and extreme daily confrontation. It’s usually more insidious or invisible, like being in a practice that doesn’t reflect or showcase your unique talents and abilities. Perhaps you’re a lowly paid associate when you know you could own your own practice…that’s a toxic circumstance. Are you in an office with others that don’t share your philosophy and bring you down?  Do you want to see kids? Are you asked to do things in the name of profit that are not in the highest good for the patient? Those are all toxic circumstances.

After awhile you start to accept and resign yourself to your place in society, put your tail between your legs and repeat the mantra of “I just want to pay my bills and get by”.  You start a slippery slope of playing small that begins to infect your personal relationships. You talk yourself into saying I wouldn’t want to see all those patients or I wouldn’t want the responsibility of earning all that money.

Do you really believe that?

What started out as a good idea slowly turns into a spirit robbing nightmare. The look your spouse gives you when they go through the finances says it all. You are practicing in a toxic circumstance. It’s like a giant python is constantly trying to take your breath away.  It doesn’t let up until you choose to do something about it.

For years TNR has been helping DCs get to where they want to be. Isolation claims so many victims in Chiropractic. Figuring it out on your own has become a national pastime for low achievers. Many of our members come from high achievement backgrounds such as athletics, another occupation or they’ve owned their own business. They understand fully that the pathway to success is not to reinvent the wheel, but rather join a community of like-minded people who cooperate and support (rather than compete) each other to reach their goals.

The choice is yours…keep getting very familiar predictable results doing things your way or ask for help and join a group of DCs who not only are successful, but love being in service to others.