Why we must take the first step

take the first step

It just seems like it never stops. People holding their backs when they find out you’re a DC.  They hold their necks and talk about whiplash.  Everywhere you go in your community, people have no idea about what Chiropractic really is.  And it’s not getting better any time soon.  Oh, they get back cracking Chiropractic, insurance dependent Chiropractic, no kids, patient visit average of less than 6, but the Chiropractic you learned about in school…forget about it.

 One of the truths about being a DC in any community is that you are responsible for creating an identity for yourself.  It’s the only thing that sets you apart like a fingerprint from all other DCs.  If you don’t want to, are overwhelmed, or don’t have the stomach to take the first step in a 1,000 mile journey, then society will heap you in an identity as an ‘ordinary DC’.

 A lot of DCs are under the mistaken impression that you will have total freedom of how you want to practice.  If you choose to practice a certain way, much of your energy, time, and resources will be spent creating an identity that creates a category of one or uniqueness. Each time a patient enters your office, the tug or war begins with them foisting their low expectations on you or you upgrading their opinion about Chiropractic.

So many DCs put most of their emphasis on clinical results (necessary), administrative paperwork  (necessary), and skimp on the patient education (priceless).  When you serve a patient without their understanding of what is being done to them it leads to confusion and drop out.

They think it’s all about symptoms and feeling better and you are speaking to them about wellness and keeping healthy…two entirely different languages!

As long as this ignorance persists, many DCs are less than thrilled about their offices and their finances. It’s usually not a doctor problem, it’s a communication problem.

Is there a better way?

 Today’s Millennials and Gen X’s demand transparency.  They need to understand what they are involved in or they will opt out in a nanosecond.  They also have short attention spans.  Many will suffer, rather than change!

They need to be engaged in your office!  Is your office a community or a Chiropractic office only?  Are there ways for them to participate in your office online and offline?  Do you have active social media?  If you office is behind the times, they won’t participate or they will only participate very sparingly.

They love their dogs and kids!  Are you pet friendly?  Can you articulate your vision, purpose and passion without sounding like a science lecture?  Too much science and they will opt out.  You must make kids and Chiropractic relevant to them!

Once they understand Chiropractic, they will participate!  Failure to reach them or become relevant in their lives leads to all kinds of chaos.  They leave because they haven’t been reached, they don’t understand.  You know you can help them, but it’s their call to participate, not yours!

Each week, there are DCs starting up their own practices.  Other DCs want to grow exponentially. Is it going to be an upward battle and a struggle, or is it going to be rather easy and more fun than you can imagine?  Same degree, same town, same insurance coverage and yet one DC is practicing successfully they way they choose and the other feels like his patient are doing him a favor by coming in for a few forced visits.

There are solutions out there, if this is the right time for you to reclaim your practice, take the first step and email or call me today!


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