Are you facing a fork in the road?

are you facing a fork in the road?

“Fix our clinic! That is all we wanted to know how to do. After all, Tracy and I are both nice people and we are extremely hard workers who spend around 6-7 days a week at our clinic working 9-10 hour a day. So why were we struggling to see 30 patient visits a WEEK? We hired some guy to coach us and his answer was to incorporate exercise bands into our practice and our income would skyrocket. Are you kidding me? Is that what I spent all the time, effort and money for at Chiropractic College? To put some poor slob on a rubber band and rip his insurance company out of money for doing so? I had a hard time believing that was what Chiropractic had come to.”

Most DCs will eventually face a fork in the road with their practices. It’s that place where you can’t go any further without making a decision. You can’t continue to do what you’ve done before…you must make a decision or suffer the consequences.

One of the most painful experiences of being a coach is witnessing DCs refuse to make the decision; to stay stuck, to continue to struggle and not embrace new concepts and strategies that will turn their abilities and talents into exponential growth.

Every one of us has an amazing, unfathomable gift that only meeting the difficulties of life head on will reveal. We need people in our lives to help discover our gifts, to believe in them and teach us how to use it responsibly. The challenge for each of us is not to discount our gift because of the indifference of others and not to abandon our gift because of the various resistance, apathy or ridicule we’re forced to endure.

“What Dr. Kevin gave to me during our H2H,  I would have paid 3x as much for. Already, in less than a week, we are seeing more patients. We are making more money. We are less stressed and the relationship with my wife is more meaningful as we have once again learned to just hold and respect one another and each others needs. Thank you, Dr. Kevin, for believing in us when we truly didn’t even believe in ourselves anymore.”

– Dr. Tracy and Dr. Ron W.

If you are serious about receiving help with your practice, I am offering you a FREE 30 day introduction to TNR coaching. This is my way of encouraging DCs to get the help they need, who don’t know about me or TNR. Empower yourself by getting the help you need.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

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Please note, due to time considerations of this offline offering, only a limited number of 30-day intro coaching slots will be accepted. Strict, first come first serve. If you do not get accepted, you will be placed on a waiting list when additional slots open up.

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