There are so many opportunities for DCs to have spectacular practices, but yet there are so many DCs that have only modest practices that don’t reflect their true potential, talent or ability.  It’s not a simple matter of willingness, technique, philosophy, ambition or love for Chiropractic.  Nobody went through all the effort, expense, and time of Chiropractic College to ‘pay bills’, work in a toxic environment or just get by.  They were at one time excited, ambitious, and inspired about Chiropractic but slowly and invisibly four factors have created a hidden barrier or interference preventing you from expressing your true potential, talent, and abilities.

Four factors have created a hidden barrier or interference

All DCs say they want to increase their practice, but by not understanding these hidden obstacles to your true talent and abilities, you can’t fix what you can’t see.  Talk about frustration!  You keep doing what you know to do and it creates a very predictable result…more of the same.  What if you could understand some of the obstacles?  This is the first step of claiming back the practice of your dreams.

Factor #1: Ineffective Communication Skills

You went to school to acquire doctor skills, not communication skills.  There was little or emphasis on personal communication skills.  Yet without great communication skills, nobody will get the chance to experience your great clinical skills.  No matter how great your technique, ability or your philosophy, you must be able to convey what’s in your heart to your patients.  Most DCs never discover the hidden connection between communication skills and having a spectacular practice.

Factor #2  Lack of Patient Education System

Without educating your patients, how are they supposed to understand Chiropractic and utilize it as a lifestyle?  You are adjusting a person who doesn’t know anything about the development, restoration or preservation of health.  They are only in it to have their immediate needs met…they want adult pain relief only.  Face the truth, people know almost nothing about what Chiropractic is really all about.

Factor #3 Relationship Making Ability

It’s one of the most invisible, yet critical abilities that’s holding you back.  Much like public speaking, there is an awkwardness to many DCs relationship skills.  It can be developed, but left undeveloped, it doesn’t get better with time.  Quite simply, it’s how you make your patients feel.  Do they feel you have their backs?  Do you have their best interest or your own interests foremost in your heart?  Are you recognizing them for their uniqueness?  Are you using sales tactics and closing techniques or allowing them to make an informed decision?  Without making a relationship of trust with your patients, they have a secret mission; get rid of you as soon as possible.

Factor #4 Boundaries

Boundaries get a bad name in Chiropractic.  Boundaries make people feel safe.  Expectations are spelled out and made clear.  It’s not confrontation.  It’s clearly identifying the patient’s choices for care and allowing them to make an informed decision.  You are sharing your knowledge of Chiropractic, not shoving it down their throats.  It’s kind of like sympathy and empathy.  One wants you to jump in the emotional quicksand (sympathy) and see what it feels like…NO THANKS.  Empathy is the ability to not jump into the emotional quicksand but throw them a rope to help themselves out.  If you don’t have the abilities to create boundaries, patients will walk all over you.

Don’t go at it all alone…bring your staff, spouse all for only $99

Stop trying to figure practice out by yourself.  You’ve read our materials, perhaps even one of our books, CDs or DVDs.  You’ve read some information, but you haven’t experienced the difference these four factors will make in your practice.  Our seminars are designed for our members to master these four underutilized and hidden factors.

Would you spend one day to find out how to practice the way you want to…or are you okay with being pushed around by your patients?

November 2, Detroit Westin@Metro Airport 8:30am – 6:00pm