It takes courage to move forward from where you are to where you want to be

Enduring a practice that you don’t want is easier than creating a practice that you do.  There is always a price to be paid.  When you make a decision to improve, all kinds of fear and resistance will surface. Listening to Dr. Guy Riekeman many years ago he said something that shook me…

He spoke of commitment and involvement in Chiropractic.  At the time, I thought it was some filler, something before we get to the good stuff, you know practice management 101.  No practice management was spoken by Dr. Guy.  He said what’s your level of involvement in Chiropractic?

Level 1:  “It’s not my issue or responsibility.”  “I’m only out for myself and my own practice.”  This is the person who sees a crime committed and walks away.  They just don’t get involved with anything in the Chiropractic arena.  They don’t increase their abilities or capabilities.  License credit renewal seminars are as far as they will go.

Level 2: “I’ll get someone else to do it.”  “My state society will protect me.”  I’ll just pay them my dues and the job will get done.  This is a lack of involvement and commitment.  It’s a perpetual state of not giving your all to anything.  It’s a form of entitlement and your practice, marriage, and kids reflect this mentality.

Level 3:  “I’ll be a part of regulating myself and my peers.” “I take full responsibility for my actions and will encourage others to do so also.”   This level implies that their actions and the behavior of others affect us all.  They display courage with everyone they have interaction with.  They speak about topics that are not popular or well understood including wellness, difficult cases, children, and fair exchange of fees. They are actively involved in groups that not only improve their practices, but improve themselves as people.  They understand we are all interconnected and if we create a unity, we will move forward as a profession collectively as well as individually.

Level 4:  “I’ll do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do.”  “This self-regulation is a moral commitment that surpasses legal or professional rules.”  Their lives are lived with a high quality of integrity and certainty.  They understand they can’t do it alone and are deeply involved with groups that hold them to higher standards than practice success.  They have an overriding compassion for others.  They love serving others with Chiropractic.

We’re inviting DCs to our November 2 seminar in Detroit that like levels 3 and 4!

Maybe you’re not there yet, maybe you are.  The important thing is, this is where you aspire to be.  You’re aware enough to know that not only is this possible, you can do it.  At thisThe New Renaissance seminar, you will meet DC after DC who didn’t start out this way, that has found a ‘home’ with TNR.  Not only is there a community, there is also accountability.  Your life takes on a new meaning.  You make life count, and achieve levels of success you previously only dreamed of.

At the seminar, you will learn the developable skills that allow you to have the practice of your dreams and live your life with a higher level of enjoyment, success and fulfillment.  These are skills that were not taught in Chiropractic school.  While you were so preoccupied with tests, boards, clinic numbers, etc…these skills that needed to be developed went dormant and ‘atrophied’.  Regardless if you know about them or not…they will determine your success or failure- not your doctor skills and technique.  Isn’t it about time you find out what they are and start to develop them?

Stop the excuses, drop what you’re doing and plan to be there Nov 2

If $99 is preventing you from attending, or you’re too busy, you’re at level 1 or 2 and you won’t be attending

Every once in a while, you just have to do something for yourself.  This is such an occasion.  Every guest receives a special packet, including the book The No New Patient Solution, free lunch, and will sit at the head table to ask specific questions about how your office can benefit.  You’ll also get to meet DC after DC who started just like you and they will share their story with you.  It’s the most exciting seminar you’ll ever attend.

MIV Seminar
November 2, 2013
8:00 am-6:00 pm
The Westin at Detroit Metro Airport
Call 1.800.525.3879 to register your office for just $99