Chiropractors vs. Modern Society

We live in a world which places power on medicine.  You’ve got depression?  Take a Prozac.  Your nose is a little runny?  Surely you must go to CVS and buy some Mucinex.  Some drugs go as far as to claim that they can change your physical appearance, from weight loss pills to such drugs like Latisse, which supposedly thickens your eyelashes.  Instead of looking for natural remedies as simple as gargling some salt water, many people turn to medicine for solution.  We live in a society where medicine is worshipped. 

My grandmother was front and center for this fascination with medicine.  So entranced was she by the pill, that she spent a good portion of her day thinking about it.  She would worry and fret whether she missed a pill, or worse yet, that she took too many pills.  This obsession of hers escalated when she developed Alzheimer’s.  She would call the house repeatedly, complaining that she lost her pills or forgot what time she had to take them.  In one occurrence, she even believed that a robber broke into her house and forced her to swallow more than the suggested dose.

And what became of my grandmother?  Like most of those with Alzheimer’s, the disease finally claimed her.  It finally put a stop to those days of sitting in a chair and watching the white wall because drugs had numbed her mind.  My father still recalls one of her manic episodes.  Through her eyes, she saw my father as a giant bottle of Aspirin.  “Why are you following me, Aspirin?  I already took two of your pills.”

You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this story.  What has my grandmother’s obsession with medicine got to do with you?  But it has everything to do with you.  As chiropractors it is your duty to show people an alternative form of healthcare.  A form that works from the inside-in, instead of just masking your symptoms. 

But let’s face it.  Many chiropractors don’t have the right tools or communication skills to convey Chiropractic’s message to the world.  Their practice members come to their office for pain relief only.  Your hands are just a giant pill to them, and like their ignorance of the pill’s effects, they have no clue what Chiropractic is actually doing to them.  And because of this misunderstanding, they leave once their pain is alleviated. 

Chiropractic is not a one and done deal.  It’s a lifetime commitment to good health.  So why, as you go over your patient records, do you see so many patients staying with you only for short-term?  If you find that you have low patient retention, then you aren’t delivering the Chiropractic message.  You are letting people succumb to society’s view of health. 

If you find that you have trouble making solid relationships with practice members or are unable to convey the Chiropractic message in a way that is easy to understand, then we can give you a hand.

Here are some ways we can help:

1. Patient Education Tools:  Your Chiropractic message is more effective with tools to back you up.  We sell patient education materials ranging from posters to pamphlets.  Check out our selection here.

2. Free Consultation:  Looking for some guidance?  Get on the phone with Dr. Kevin and start forming a game plan for a better future.

3. Order a free copy ($3.95 s/h) of the No New Patient Solution book and find out some hidden factors that are hindering your growth.

Have any questions? Call 800.525.3879.

Whether you need a little boost in your practice or not, I salute you.  I salute you for making that hard decision to attend Chiropractic School despite your family and friend’s ill opinions.  For being brave enough to open an office in the face of a hard economy.  For believing there’s another way.

Thank you chiropractors for all the wonderful work that you do!

~ Rebecca from TNR