It goes:


It seems like everyone else’s needs come before you. Even the dog’s surgery came before you. There’s a feeling like you’re going through the motions just to keep where you’re at. Same patient visits, same income, more paperwork, and more insurance regulations. Overhead, payroll, taxes take up more of your head space than Chiropractic, serving kids, wellness care, and practice growth. The tiny voice in your head asks, “Where are my next new patients coming from?” EHR, network providers, insurance coverage are determining your destiny. It’s the way of the common DC. You can either endure your current circumstances and hope things will get better or you can do something about it, once and for all. It takes an uncommon DC to ask for help.

Asking for help is never easy. We grew up with no problem asking for help from our parents, and teachers. Then we got to a certain age and we stopped asking for help. It’s considered a weakness to admit we don’t know everything. What’s more, the people who love us the most like our spouses, families, and friends can’t help us with our offices. They have no specialized knowledge in growing a Chiropractic office. It’s so frustrating for them to watch a gifted, wonderful DC not reach their full potential. What’s more…there’s a price to be paid for growth that the common DC is not willing to pay.

To grow, you’re going to have to take an honest look at yourself

With coaching hundreds upon hundreds of DCs, one thing is abundantly clear. The first thing that has to be addressed is you, the DC. Most DCs would rather buy something rather than taking a hard look in the mirror. It’s so painful to admit that the real problem is internal, instead of external factors. Many DCs are out of integrity with themselves and others and it invisibly shows up in their practices. We start taking short cuts like not educating our patients, negotiating, and begin to be pushed around by patients. The excuses must be dropped for you to move forward.

When your course is set…it’s easy to follow! Especially when you have someone to guide you!

When you overcome the internal resistance that has held you back you for years, your life and practice are filled with a new energy that was previously tied up in all the minuscia (overhead, insurance, etc) that was taking the fun, profit, and excitement out of practice. Sure, we have to have a firm grip on the logistics of our practice, however, exciting, profitable practices always have less stress and are anything but boring.

This is our way of encouraging uncommon DCs who know they can achieve more and find themselves in circumstances that don’t reflect their true talent or abilities. It’s not embarrassing to ask for help, it’s embarrassing to sit there and accept a lower standard of life and service. Struggling or just getting by are not options with uncommon DCs. It’s the way of the common DC.

We look forward to getting to know you and your individual circumstances