TNR Declassified: 3rd Edition


Editor’s Note:

Although all The New Renaissanceof our TNR Declassified stories are based on actual people and true events, we are not disclosing the names of the DCs as respect to their privacy. The events discussed took place during some of the darkest days of their lives. To publicly relive them for the world to see is a challenge too hard to bear for some.  However, our members believe that if their stories can relate to someone going through the same struggle and gives them the strength to better their lives, well the story will be for the greater good.

Right before I entered Chiropractic school, I married the love of my life. And for once in my life, I didn’t feel so alone. Someone would finally be there to congratulate me on acing a test, or lend an ear when I had to get something off my chest. Someone would finally be there to greet me when I got home, instead of pretending I didn’t exist.

When I was four, my parents died in a car accident. From then on, I was adopted into a family that was less than supportive. And so, right from the beginning I was on my own. It’s not really something you get used to. Circumstances lead you there, and you just wait and hope for a way out. And that opportunity came when I met my husband.

But as fate would have it, just when I found my solid pillar, he was taken away from me. Specifically, by the United States government as they whisked him overseas, thousands of miles away. I managed to graduate from college, but as I entered the real world, I was lost and confused. I took the easy route, under the delusion that if I took an associateship, I’d eventually be able to open my own practice. But after bouncing from one office to another, I discovered that wasn’t at all the case.

When you think of an associate’s job, you think of it as an apprenticeship or a preceptor. The doctor will take you under their tutelage, and you get to learn the ins and out of the business. But all I learned was how to withstand sixty hour work weeks as the doctors threw patients at me and raked in the cash. Not only did I adjust patients for nearly free, but I was a glorified CA, sitting at the front desk as I whittled time away on the computer. Who knew four years in Chiropractic school would bring me to a CA’s chair, waiting on a head doctor’s permission to use the adjusting table.

I learned about The New Renaissance from a friend of mine. She had recently joined TNR and had nothing but good things to say about them. She suggested that I join, but I was less than enthusiastic about the idea. You see, I’ve learned throughout the years to be cautious with whom I trust. Especially considering that this was a coaching group, I was sure they were all about doctors pushing sales tactics onto their patients, or even worse, using sales tactics to coerce me into emptying my pockets. So, when I received a call from them the following week, I simply brushed them off with an excuse. That led to another call with my friend, who suggested that I at least take a half hour to talk to Dr. Kevin.

“What’s the harm?” she said. “It won’t make your situation any worse. If anything, you might gain some valuable insight.”

I sat there in my apartment, mulling over my situation. She was right. What did I have left to lose? The next day, I got on the phone with one of the assistants and received a practice profile I had to fill out before speaking with Dr. Kevin. It was hard writing down all my practice details. The sorry number of patients I saw, all the frustrations I was dealing with even outside my office–but it did give me a better picture of what I wanted out of life. And when I finally spoke with Dr. Kevin it became even clearer. But was I ready to put another expense on my credit card? Even more so, was I ready to put my trust in The New Renaissance?

I wasn’t. But neither was I going to say I no longer interested in them, because I was. So I kept making more appointments with Dr. Kevin (and dodging a few) until my suspicions wore down. And then, I received a call from my friend.

“You won’t believe this,” she said. “But I’ve done it. I’m getting my own office!”

I was shocked. Weren’t we in the same situation months ago? What had changed? The answer was simple. She had found some guidance, where I was fending for myself. For the second time in my life, I found a way out of my solidarity. It was time for someone to pull me out of this confusion and it was The New Renaissance that would do it. And so I made the call.

It wasn’t easy. Not only did I have an unending supply of doubts, but when my boss heard that I was thinking about getting a coach, he did everything in his power to stop me. He even offered to let me use his coach for free. Somehow, I had a feeling I knew my best interests were not in his heart so I had to follow my gut and seek the help from TNR.

A short time later, I began coaching with Dr. Kevin and I am already seeing massive changes in my life. I left that job. I knew deep down that staying there wasn’t going to help me become the doctor I knew I could be. I just had to let go of the fear of the unknown which I was able to do through the help of TNR. The funny part was, I immediately got another job as an Independent Contractor to another DC who is far more appreciative of the skills that I bring to the (adjusting) table. Although the path that I am on right now isn’t the easiest, I feel like it is the one I am suppose to be on. Eventually, I know this path leads to a successful practice of my own and I am enjoying the journey getting there.