8 Tips on How to Keep Patients in Your Chiropractic Office

1.  Hold health awareness seminars

Remember, it’s not how many new gizmos you have in your office or whether your website is top of the line–what it comes down to is whether your patients understand Chiropractic.  Sure, you may have a seminar or two with no shows, but you’ll find that it’s all worth it when a patient fully gets it and wants to bring their whole family to get adjusted too. 

2.  Decorate your office with Chiropractic materials

Let your office decor do some of the educating for you.  When your patients are tired of reading the latest People magazine, where will their eyes wander?  To your walls.  And what would you rather have, a nice picture of a beach or a poster telling them how crucial Chiropractic is for infants?

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3.  Have boundaries

It’s hard sometimes to say no to your patients.  You find yourself making deals with them and gradually you find yourself practicing their way instead of your own.  Giving in portrays a lack of backbone.  When you set boundaries and stand on your own two feet, then you’ll become a respected figure in their life. 

4.  Create a blog and a health newsletter

Not only can you use these media platforms for your promotions and events, but it can add another dimension to your patient-doctor relationship.  Your patients aren’t always going to be in your office, so blogs and newsletters can give you an opportunity to not only educate them on the benefits of Chiropractic, but help them get a better sense of you outside of your office.

5.  Follow standard office procedures

Don’t change your office procedures according to what you think your patient would respond to.  There is a formula that allows your patient to fully understand Chiropractic and at the same time enables you to create a meaningful connection with them.  Don’t underestimate the necessity of all procedures, from the Report of Findings to following up with a phone call. 

6.  Train your CA

This may seem like a no brainer, but does your CA know how to convey Chiropractic to your patients?  It’s wonderful that your CA knows the ins and outs of billing, but that is of little use when you don’t have any patients.  Become a tag team and make sure your CA has the knowledge and skills to not only teach your patients about Chiropractic, but create good relationships with them.

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7.  Get out in mingle

Get off of Facebook and go out into the world.  You’ll find that there are many opportunities to create more business.  Not only are public health talks a wonderful way to educate others on Chiropractic, but you can also make great connections by simply joining groups and meeting more people. 

8.  Realize that there is a person behind the illness

It’s great that you acquired the highest degree possible in your field, but unfortunately that amounts to nothing when you don’t make a connection with your patient.  Can you recall the times when you tipped the waitress a little extra?  Why did you do that?  Because they went out of their way to make a personal connection with you.  The same goes with your patients.  Little things such as sending a birthday card or finding out what their favorite TV show is can go a long way.  Results can only get you so far. 

Making connections and effectively communicating to others doesn’t come naturally to most people.  If you find yourself in need of assistance with these things as well as having standard office procedures that work, consider getting a free consultation with the New Renaissance.