TNR’s Special Offer: CA Coaching Package

One of the most critical ingredients of success is having a high performing team.  Establishing the proper CA training, administration, procedural follow through, and accountability ensures amazing productivity in any office.  That is why The New Renaissance is offering the CA Coaching Package.  

With the purchase of this CA Coaching Package you’ll receive:

  • 3 months of personal CA coaching with Dr. Ed  (Reg. $1800).  Includes 1 weekly call/email with open access to questions & answers.
  • Admission to the CA Seminar: February 22nd, 2014 Brooklyn, MI (Reg. $495).  Includes your entire office!

                                                                             All for $1800! 

(You save: $495)

Some common symptoms of a CA without training:

Skipping videos and office education procedures.  Some of the finest CAs never get enough training, repetition, and role-playing to properly understand the importance of videos and procedures.  The world will never get a chance to see their true potential.

Not educated about Chiropractic.  Many DCs get irritated because their CAs and their families don’t get adjusted on a regular basis.  When they do get Chiropractic, not only will they embrace it, but they also gain the ability to encourage others into the lifestyle.

Scheduling issues, lack of confidence.  Understand the surprising connection between receiving a high level of training and being confident.  When there is a certainty in the office and the doctor…practice members are inspired, leading to more cooperation instead of resistance. 

Spending way too much time on administration and not enough time on new patient acquisition.  Streamlining necessary paperwork is a must to see higher numbers.  Many offices lament how they’re unable to see more new patients and office visits because they are under so much overwhelming paperwork.  Dr. Ed makes it simple, fun, and profitable.

Team chemistry or office dynamics are off.  Having a system in place sure beats having personalities clash again and again.  Over the years, the highest producing teams always have the most fun.  When everyone is on the same page and working the same system, there is a unity that prevails.  Time flies by and office stats grow and grow.

Lack of collecting money at the front desk.  This does not get better with time.  We receive testimonial emails from CA after CA saying how much easier it is to look straight at a patient and collect payment after training.  There’s nothing worse than a DC doing the work and not getting compensated.  It creates unnecessary tension in the office between DC and CA.      

Order your CA Coaching Package today!  Call 800.525.3879 to enable your CAs to be the best they can be.