TNR Declassified: 4th Edition


Editor’s Note:

Although all The New Renaissanceof our TNR Declassified stories are based on actual people and true events, we are not disclosing the names of the DCs as respect to their privacy. The events discussed took place during some of the darkest days of their lives. To publicly relive them for the world to see is a challenge too hard to bear for some.  However, our members believe that if their stories can relate to someone going through the same struggle and gives them the strength to better their lives, well the story will be for the greater good.

We had a plan, my husband and I.  We were going to open our own practice.  But ten months after graduation with no associateship in hand and he still in Chiropractic school, I didn’t even know how to initialize our plan.  It was to the point where I was going to go for a waitressing job.  I had confessed these woes to my friend and her response was, “Why don’t you open up your own practice?”

She made it sound so easy.  Here I was, desperate under the strain of school loans and an ever-growing credit card debt, and she was suggesting that I make the leap to practice ownership.  I wanted to laugh, but through her expression I knew she was serious. 

“Oh I could never do that,” I said.  “Not only will they never give me a loan, but I have no idea how to run a business.”

“That’s why you get someone to help you.”

“What do you mean?”

That is when I discovered The New Renaissance.  She said that Dr. Kevin and Dr. Ed coached her and her husband, which is why they have their own practice now.  It never really occurred to me to get outside help.  I just figured my husband and I would enter the field as associates and work our way up to getting our own practice.  But wouldn’t it be better to skip that step?  If possible, I could start up the practice and my husband could help grow it when he graduated.  And The New Renaissance was the ticket to making that possible.

It wasn’t as easy a decision as I made it sound.  We were both in debt and so there was certainly a financial risk to signing up for the Mentor IV Program.  But what essentially got me to join was this underestimated fact:  Follow those who are successful, and you in turn will be successful.  Through my phone calls with Dr. Kevin, I knew that he and Dr. Ed had the know-how to create successful practices.  And I knew I had the determination needed to put my plan into action.  That is why I joined The New Renaissance.       

At the start of the following year, we opened our doors to our very own practice.  And we couldn’t have done it without the help of Dr. Kevin and Dr. Ed, along with a great many supportive TNR doctors.  Without such a successful backing, I would be spending my days writing down people’s orders as I shuffled trays between my hands.  And not only do I have my own practice now, but I have all the tools to keep it growing.

I believe in the TNR principles.  That’s because I’ve seen them work.  The quality of patients that walk through my door is the best I’ve ever cared for.  That’s because the TNR system makes it so patients are responsible for their own health decisions.  There’s no selling or bargaining, just properly educating them with the right patient education materials and communication skills.  After fully understanding, patients decide what they want, and because it is their own choice instead of a doctor’s order, they are more dedicated to Chiropractic.  Only a month into my new practice and I’ve already had many sign up for a year’s worth of care!  Soon my husband will be joining me in this new business, but before that, I’m going to grow it as much as I can, with The New Renaissance guiding the way.