Why that other DC is owning it and you’re just, meh?

As we grow up, we build our future lives in our heads. Granted, many of us don’t know what we’ll become. It may take a couple of switches of our major to figure it out. But we always have that end destination in our minds. And each year we add a little bit more to it; I want my bathroom to have a walk-in shower and my kitchen will definitely have granite countertops. And let’s not forget about that Audi I’ll own, leather seating included. But with each passing year, as we pave a little more to our future path, we start to realize it isn’t going to the final destination we’ve dreamed about.
A large number of us end up struggling to build our lives or find a comfortable place in life where we settle into. Both situations never allow us to buy that theatre system for our home or take that vacation to Bora Bora. Instead, we trade in that dream of a custom-designed house for a 1950’s split ranch. Our Audi turns into a Toyota Camery. We end up living pretty average lives. Then we look at some of our college friends―Billy who has three offices open in the area and Judy that just moved into a new house in the ritzy part of town, and we wonder, what makes them different? How does one go about becoming successful?
It is true that some people are just lucky. Opportunities just seem to find them. But for the rest of us, it’s through hard work and determination. And you think, why I’ve been working my butt off all these years and where has it gotten me? Nowhere! That leaves the second success factor: connections. Connections represent those that are advanced in their field. They are the guidance and support many people need. Without this, you might as well be building a bridge without the architect, only to find it collapsing after years of hard work.
As Chiropractors, there is a large fraction of us that miss the turn to practice success and end up on the associate or independent contractor route, or become that DC with the “meh” practice. Some of us just throw our hands in the air and give up while others run around posting flyers all over the town advertising free adjustments only to find that it’s not a permanent solution to their problems. What we don’t realize is that there are a combination of factors that lead to success. Can you communicate Chiropractic to practice members without their eyes glazing over as they think of their next Twitter update? Are you implementing the right office procedures to raise your retention rates?
But how would you know? Where is that mentor, that connection in your life to slap your hand and say, you’re doing it wrong! It is this absence of mentorship that created The New Renaissance’s Mentor IV Program. With expert coaches that have been down that road to practice success, along with a step-by-step patient education system, they have guided hundreds of DCs to the final destination of their dreams. Find out more about the Mentor IV Program through this quick vid: