Everyone wants a piece of you

Your practice members are coming up with an unusually high number of excuses for dropping out and are resisting you at every turn, your spouse remarked you aren’t acting like yourself (whatever that means), your CAs are doing just enough to stay part of your team, and your kids seem to be in a conspiracy to drive you crazy and make it seem like your fault.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of cooperation in your life.  Welcome to the not so wonderful world of OVERWHELM!


The natural response to these circumstances is to be less bold, take less risks, and to hide from all these forces that want a piece of you


You’ve tried this before,  especially if you are an individual who has to keep the peace at all costs.  Seeing to everybody else’s needs except your own is a familiar way of life.  Holding your tongue and not saying or doing what has to be done only makes the circumstances you find yourself in worse.  This goes for everyone including solo practitioners, associates, independent DCs, and as well as their spouses.  It might take some of the immediate pressure off, however you’re still stuck.  Not only is it not effective (because the problem is avoided, not  solved) it starts to build up inside of you like a pressure cooker.  By avoiding solving the problem, it doesn’t go away, it buries itself inside of you and will resurface in the very near future.

The amateur attempts to limit their stress by downsizing, lessening their ambition, and lowering their standards. How’s that been working for you?


The way most of us were brought up and weened at Chiropractic School, was to get along, you’ve got to go along.  You know, the customer is always right.  Blend in rather than stand out.  Give people what they want, not what they need.  It’s okay for bureaucracy,  and to work for somebody else.  These ideas are counter intuitive to the DC who wants to grow and get out of the pull  that all those external factors are creating.


Being different is not a crime…but it sometimes feels like it is

When we start moving away from being a doormat and not agreeing and understanding practice member’s excuses for not bringing in their kids, we will hear comments from our inner circle.  “You’re not like you used to be,” practice members will say. (Take that as a compliment!) Even your spouse will sometimes question you, as well as your friends.  They just don’t understand.  The price to be paid for being different is accepting the feedback from our environment as POSITIVE and not NEGATIVE.

Here is your invitation to become the DC you’ve always wanted to be


Whenever you move forward with any endeavor in life, your past (including family, friends and yes practice members) will think you are moving away from them.  They will make comments, drop little hints, make you feel guilty about your new direction.  What’s really happening is they are noticing a change in you.  This is great, although sometimes it doesn’t feel so great.  If there was ever a time to keep going, it’s now!  When you start making change in your life, it’s no time to get scared and stop doing what created the change in the first place.  Young sailor and pilots have to be trained that there is no home base.  When you’re a great sailor or pilot, you can sail or fly anywhere and feel very comfortable.  When you start, you keep close to your home port, the coastline or your home airport like a toddler stays near their mother.  Sooner or later, you have to navigate successfully on your own!

 Make 2014 your best year ever

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I tried to rebuild my practice on my own; implementing bits and pieces of marketing that suited me. I had already spent thousands on coaches and management companies. They taught me how to sell large plans and devalue my services (and self-esteem) to get people to sign up. I felt cheap and unworthy of people paying full price for the life-giving services I provided. I was spinning my wheels to help those who didn’t value me or Chiropractic.

Then I read this book, “The No New Patient Solution” by Dr. Kevin Pallis and Dr. Ed Plentz (co-owners and coaches of The New Renaissance). There’s a cartoon of a DC grovelling after a patient and I saw what I had become. I spoke with Dr. Kevin Pallis on the phone and was pleasantly surprised. The New Renaissance (TNR) is not about slick salesmanship. It’s about giving you communication tools so you don’t have to sell yourself (or your soul to allopathic therapies). TNR has helped me to be true to myself and chiropractic. Since I joined TNR 2 years ago, my practice has flourished and I’m having fun again. I now have a wonderful chiropractic family to turn to in good times and challenges (in practice and in life).

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