Biggest question you will ever ask yourself

There you sit, in front of your computer screen opening your emails…wondering to yourself, ‘Has it been worth it?’ It’s not that you hate Chiropractic or helping people, it’s just you are not in the situation you expected and you’re not living the lifestyle you envisioned. Ask yourself this big question:


[box type=”info”] Are you happy to be a DC…or have you lost your MOJO? [/box]

Do you still carry your dream of helping people and being successful?

Are you truly happy and proud to be a DC or has this email reached you too late?


Mojo is a funny thing; when it’s gone you search for many substitutes, but there is no substitute for mojo. It’s the fuel that got you into the Chiropractic profession, but when it leaves you, it’s awfully difficult to practice.

With the majority of DCs decidedly turning to income earning outside – in modalities, physical therapies, weight loss, spas, oxygen therapy, and rehab in an effort to recoup their downsized income, we are moving in a decidedly, different direction…towards PURPOSE, PASSION, and PROSPERITY. There’s nothing wrong with these other approaches, but if you could be busy and successful doing what you do best…this is really what DCs are searching for.

The downsizing phenomenon is alive and …

For those DCs who refuse to do something about their practice situation, it will not get better on it’s own. Settling for an okay practice when you could have a spectaNervous and stressedcular practice will wear you out and grind you down. Some DCs would rather endure the pain and frustration than to ask for help. How many years can you go without a vacation? That look from your spouse when you’re doing taxes (boy, do you get that look when they see the bottom line!), student loans, and credit card debt just seem to add to the daily gloom and doubt that this will ever turn around.

Who are you…are you okay with just getting by?

There are some who just don’t want to get ahead. Some even have an ‘entitlement’ mindset where they believe that somehow the government and insurance companies are going to make it all better. We find with years of helping DCs, that the DC that knows they are a great DC (but their practice does not reflect their true talent and ability) and are willing to take responsibility to get back on track…they always get results.

Are you willing to stay where you are by not asking for directions?

Have you ever been lost on the road because you either didn’t have a GPS or you didn’t have any bars? How long did it take for you to finally stop and ask for directions? For every month you don’t grow, just pay bills and regrettably flounder into a tailspin of frustration, you may never get back to where you were, ever. Enduring the mounting debt, slashed incomes, and new credit restrictions all create the new class of once happy and prosperous DCs who have lost their MOJO. They have learned the hard way about being downwardly mobile to the point that it’s affecting relationships with significant others as well as how they feel about being a DC.

All DCs are divided into groups: 1%, 4%, 15%, 40%…which group do is you?

Generally the 1% have huge practices, 4% have very successful and large practices, 15% are doing well, 40% are sustaining only mediocrity (in financial terms- head above water but barely getting by, just paying bills basically) and 40% are doing poorly. Overall, these success stats never change in good times or in bad. The reason these stats don’t change is simple: you all have the same DC degree…but you have a choice which group you are in.

There’s really no good reason to let skepticism or past
experiences stand in your way…

Complacency is the result of losing one’s mojo. There are many DCs who are willing to see only a handful of people and never reach for success. They mockingly have negative comments to say about DCs who serve many with a vision larger than self-gain only. The truth is, they have quit on themselves, their practices, and Chiropractic.

Here is your personal invitation to find out if the Mentor IV Coaching Program is the ‘right fit’

We want to help you.  There’s a saying: you can lead a horse to water…however, you can’t make it drink.  We have found with coaching hundreds of DCs…the missing ingredient is MOJO, PURPOSE, and PASSION. 

Imagine yourself on a team with a group of athletes ready to play a game of football.  It’s a beautiful day, the grass is green, you have on great equipment, and your uniform is spotless.  The other team is on the field awaiting a worthy opponent but they notice something different about your team…it has no coach. 

“Where’s you coach?” they ask.  “Don’t need one,” all the players on your team say.  The players on the coached team start to lick their chops.  There is going to be a beat down on the field today.

On the first kickoff, everyone on the uncoached team is running around with no battle plan.  They are all good athletes; however their individual talents are not crafted into a team concept.  The don’t block well, they don’t know plays or covers.  Soon they get frustrated and start pointing fingers at each other.  The game is getting out of hand and there is no solution in sight.

How long would you continue to play on that team?  We encounter DC after DC that still play on that team.  Actually knowing they have the talent to succeed and still thinking they don’t need a coach.  They are enduring a mediocre practice and they have let their dream die.

Coaching was created for DCs who want to take control of their offices, their incomes, and their lives.  It’s not an extra…it’s essential.  Whether you are an athlete, a student, etc…your coach or teacher makes the difference.  They make it fun and they hold you accountable.  No stories, yah buts, or excuses or blaming it on the economy. 

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