The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

As a new employee of The New Renaissance, I was welcomed into an environment completely out of my comfort zone; in a sense that, when it comes to the topic of Chiropractic care, I have little to zero knowledge. Nonetheless, I’m always up for a challenge and this is a perfect opportunity for me to do just that, challenge myself.

In such a short period (one week to be exact), I’ve acquired so many theories, facts and interesting information about this field. In a recent discussion with a Doctor of Chiropractic, it was brought to my attention that many individuals who are uninformed about this particular practice, automatically assume it’s only beneficial for those who suffer from neck or back injuries. I came in with a very similar mentality; sad to say, I was one of those many people. This care is not only a contribution made to those mentioned areas of your body but also proven to assist with your overall health. Believe it or not, Chiropractors offer relief for health issues such as high blood pressure, sleeping disorders, migraines and wrist pains, to name a few. If that’s not a big enough “wow factor”, consider this, with the proper treatment these results can promote better relationships and contribute to a more stress free lifestyle.

Just about anyone can find some sort of advantage in Chiropractic care, especially those with a higher level of activity (runners, athletes, gymnasts, etc). As a matter of fact, depending on the intensity of your activity rate, it is highly recommended that you incorporate several sessions of Chiropractic care into your monthly routine. Injuries heal a lot faster when you receive treatments regularly, amongst other reasons like proper nutrition and exercise. It also serves as one of the more natural healing methods of your body’s function, as opposed to taking a “magical pill” or expecting the health issue to miraculously recover on its own. Specific techniques are used to support the recovery process. For a Chiropractor, knowledge about the human anatomy and how it functions is the key to successfully nurturing injured patients back to health. Bear in mind, one could be in perfectly fit condition and still receive Chiropractic care to prevent any future injuries.

Many people are unaware of the benefits because doctors don’t educate, or more importantly communicate with their community about these unknown possibilities. This is where that lingering assumption arises about the infamous myth, being that ALL chiropractors only specialize in two parts of the body, neck and back. Unfortunately, I stand guilty of this assumption, mainly because I was once a patient of Chiropractic care after being in a car accident that resulted in minor neck injuries. In utter embarrassment, I wore a neck brace for about a month and received care for several sessions. After a few months of provided Chiropractic neck treatment on a weekly basis, it was as good as new. The soreness and sharp pains had ceased and it’s been fine ever since. However, I wasn’t aware that these sessions could evolve into something of a lifetime. I was simply under the impression Chiropractor’s only catered to those with your typical neck/back injuries due to some form of an accident.

It’s very important that a professional Chiropractor’s job duties include being clear and concise, if nothing else. By doing so, not only will the patient leave with a more intuitive sense of what’s going on regarding their physical health, but they’ll also be more informed. This can result in possibly presenting an opportunity to seal the trust bond between the patient and their Doctor of Chiropractic, if one isn’t already established. The situation is presumably already uncomfortable for the patient, simply based off of the fact that they are putting their physically well being in your hands. So a little reassurance would be a great way to let them know they’re safe with you. That being said, building a trustworthy relationship between the two individuals would be greatly beneficial in the long haul.