TNR Declassified: 5th Edition


Editor’s Note:

Although all of our TNR Declassified stories are based on actual people and true events, we are not disclosing the names of the DCs as respect to their privacy. The events discussed took place during some of the darkest days of their lives. To publicly relive them for the world to see is a challenge too hard to bear for some. However, our members believe that if their stories can relate to someone going through the same struggle and gives them the strength to better their lives, well the story will be for the greater good.


When I first became a member of TNR, it felt as if I were stepping into a whole new world of endless possibilities and unanswered questions. Being that The New Renaissance is my first coaching experience, there was so much information I was eager to know. This is to be expected when you have your own business. It isn’t easy; any business owner will vouch for that. However, given the proper tools, I was able to execute the issues I faced and slowly but surely, started seeing changes right before my eyes.

I’ve been in practice for 7 years now. I’ve always been the adventurous, independent type to do things by myself. But I’ve come to the realization that it’s actually nice to have someone giving you a sense of direction. It takes the worry out of what you should be doing. Sometimes our needs can be blindsided by our wants, so having that extra guidance brought me back to focusing on my goal.
I knew I wanted to increase my number of patients, but never did I imagine they would almost double by the week. I always hoped this would be the case but clearly I wasn’t producing the results I desired before joining the program. Not only were my patient numbers tangible, but a notable improvement in collections was also one result from applying new modifications to my practice. My plans became so much clearer and more realistic as far as what I need, and more importantly, how to make it happen. Over time, small improvements go a long way.

As I prepare for maternity leave I didn’t want my company to be left under the care of someone who hasn’t a clue about what they’re doing. That’s not to say that my practice is better than anyone else’s but a lot of my peers have completely different approaches when it comes to running their own practice. Our business tactics may be similar but at the end of the day our businesses just aren’t the same. I guess it comes down to the fact that I don’t necessarily want a slanted Chiropractor temporarily taking over my duties. I mean, who does? I find comfort in knowing that TNR will be there to help (if necessary) with that leadership role, and just knowing that I have that support opens my trust.

Thinking back, initially I was hesitant about spending money towards the Mentor IV Program but after all is said and done, it was an investment that nearly doubled my practice. The warm welcomes and tight knit community of TNR makes it easy for me to stick around. I have no regrets; its worth has become something much greater than I anticipated. Without a doubt, I made the right choice.