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Quality new patients, rock star income, care beyond wellness, patient retention and reliable referrals: Factors of a successful practice that are ALL within your reach – if you know how! Join Dr. Kevin Pallis during The New Renaissance’s FREE webinar, and discover sure fire ways of turning your mediocre practice into a thing of the past! Whether you’re an Associate or a Solo Practitioner, this webinar is for YOU!

FREE WEBINAR 10 mistake sabotaging your office

Your practice seems to have a mind of its own. It’s gotten to a certain point and it has stayed stuck. Oh, you’ve tried Facebook advertising, pay per click, some online marketing and advertising and it produces some temporary spikes in your stats, but nothing seems to budge your stats permanently. The only thing that seems to be growing in your office is your overhead and frustration.

Out of the hundreds of DCs I help, there is a common theme to offices that don’t represent the talent or abilities of the doctor; they are doing things wrong that they don’t know they are doing. As a result of this ‘invisibleness’ they keep making the same mistakes and they don’t realize it’s sabotaging their practice big time!

I am going to be presenting an exciting webinar based on the actual successful experiences of hundreds of DCs who were in the exact position you are in. This webinar will give you solutions and answers to your most pressing problems and challenges.

The New Renaissance topics

This webinar is packed with ‘gold nuggets’ of practical insight into gaining solutions and confidence over your problems in practice.

There will also be free ‘giveaways’ for active viewers of the webinar. It’s our way of recognizing and rewarding DCs who are serious and urgent about turning their practices around or reaching that next level of achievement.

Don’t miss your opportunity to view this webinar. Finally, someone put it all together in a neat little package in an understandable language!