The rules of the game have changed…being a good DC is not enough!


Once upon a time, the only requirement needed to be successful was to be a good adjuster.  Back in the day, great adjusters had great practices. Add the atomic fuel of insurance backed with pain relief care, and you had something that made DCs feel invincible. Many DCs were actually crabby and condescending towards their patients and if someone didn’t follow your recommendations or complained, you’d make them walk the plank!  You could actually get away with it, after all, there was more where they came from.

Boy, have things changed!  Today’s DC has to be so much more than just a good adjuster.  The communication skills that create relevancy to a Gen-X or Millennial are so different than the ones recognized by other segments of the population.  If you are grouped in with the ‘common’ DC, you will not stand out to them.  Differentiation and uniqueness are the currency that makes the difference between paying bills/just getting by and earning a rock star income!

With so much short-term, adult pain relief care all around you, sometimes it seems almost hopeless to think there are enough people that actually will participate in your office at higher levels.  It seems like to get along, you have to go along.

But wait, there’s hope!

Think of how Millennials treat their animals, especially dogs: the special diets, clothes, leashes, training, even allowing them to share the big bed.  No dog lover in their right mind feeds their pets plain dog food these days. Today, it’s vegan, Kosher, gluten free and low sugar, with a premium price all the way. They are not merely pets; they are family members, with all the rights and privileges of their human counterparts. If they treat their dogs and cats like royalty, how do you think they treat their kids?

Many DCs continue to attempt to be all things to all people…like regular dog or cat food.  Competing solely in the pain field will sharply curtail your economics.  You will only attract short-term, demanding patients with zero loyalty. However, if Millennials and Gen Xs knew about other dimensions of Chiropractic like wellness, ongoing care after pain relief, and pediatric benefits, they will commit to it just like they do to their pets.  They go ga-ga!

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you will be rejected when speaking about anything other than pain relief. In any population, from academia to sports, there is a always a segment with higher commitment and ambition levels.

Some patients are okay with huge challenges to health but to others, the thought of spending one more day without taking action is not an option. Don’t say “woof woof”, or “meow” when it comes to sharing what you know to be true about health. Stand before your people in truth and start serving more patients today.