A Change in the Paradigm

health is a lifelong journey

The answer to obesity is not weight loss; never has been and never will. Liposuction, Coolsculpting, and even the next “life-changing” treatment won’t get you the perfect body either. The answer lies in a healthier lifestyle; from the food you eat to your daily activity levels, obesity isn’t fought in one day, it takes a lifetime. Whether we like it or not, you can’t mock or cheat these principles; there are no shortcuts or ‘easy ways out’. They have to be adopted on a long-term basis, and committed to. We must remember that nothing that comes easy is worth having. Health must start at birth and continue till death. The same concept can be applied to disease. The answer to eliminating disease is not to fight against it, but rather finding a way to prevent it. The solution, once again? Health for life. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s changing the paradigm towards health and wellness. Sure, there are many people who find themselves in various states of ‘non-health’ and they need help obviously. But searching for the next cure to disease is like fighting the next war. No matter how promising a battle strategy is, the permanent solution to war is of course peace.

Along with our intense, experiential seminars, after a year or two in TNR many of our members are ‘sentenced’ to read David Hawkins breakthrough book, Power vs. Force.  The book is hard to read because it runs so counter-intuitive to our beliefs. To a small thinking DC, the book is put down very quickly. However, to a big thinking DC, the concepts are thought provoking and challenge all of us to use power instead of the predictable force. For many Americans, the thought of abandoning force and fighting is a very counter-intuitive idea.

A concept that is often hard for us to accept is that when force isn’t working as a solution, the answer isn’t to increase that force. While it may seem like the easy way out, it is often ineffective, costly and ultimately only increases the problem. The cost of both disease and war is often staggering, and is measured not only in economics, but in terms of human suffering and death.

We must re-strategize; use power in lieu of force. From Ghandi to MLK, history has proven time and again the success and effectiveness of abandoning violence and force in favor of power. Though disregarded by many, their strategy was so effective that although they may be long gone, their message prevails today. That’s how powerful power is.It takes courage to choose not to fight a disease, and instead adopt health as a constant, life-long journey. Fight is ingrained in each of us, but we must accept that fighting can only insure that the problem will continue.

It isn’t enough to just be against war, we have to be for peace. We must accept a change in the paradigm towards health, a change that will not be easy. Most Americans don’t even really know what health is. They assume that health is how you feel, and only think of it as something more once we lose it. Considering this concept, you could say that someone who has suffered a heart attack was healthy the day before the incident: Utter nonsense. Yet, whether a conscious effort or not, we continue to believe this.

As DCs, we are lucky enough to choose how we wish to practice. The old, outdated, Newtonian Physics model is pain relief only. Symptom reduction only offers one type of care to patients. That’s okay, but for Gen Xs and Millennials, it isn’t enough. Like Oldsmobile or dial up Internet, this model is irrelevant to them, and they have no use for it.

The new Quantum Physics model says that everything is integrated and part of a big hologram. It recognizes an Innate Intelligence, or inborn potential that if activated and fostered, can create health for a lifetime and produce healing miracles. By removing layers of injury, damage, and compromise from the nerve system on a continual basis, we are moving towards health. You don’t have to be sick to work on your health, any more than you have to be dumb to get educated. Offering condition based care, corrective care and wellness care will address the needs of Gen X’s, Millennials and anyone else for that matter.

Too many DC’s unnecessarily limit their care to short-term, adult, musculoskeletal pain relief when the Quantum Physics model welcomes in a new era of health for everybody.  The choice is yours to participate in an outdated and inefficient model or upgrade to caring for people from the womb to the tomb.  The paradigm from disease to health is happening and just like the parade you can join the parade or the parade will pass you by.