Symptom Reduction, or Saving Lives?

symptom reduction saving lives

Your next patient is not your usual patient.  They have been told they have an incurable disease and they only have a short time to live.  The disease has an impressive name with lots of initials, but it remains incurable.  What would you do as a DC seeing this type of patient?  Punt, take cover or act interested while knowing deep in your heart that this is the ‘big leagues’ and Chiropractic is not powerful enough to effect change.

I forgot to tell you that this is an 80-year-old man.  Many in society think he’s lived a long life, its okay to go along with society expectations.  But, what if I told you it was a 5 year old?  Things change, don’t they?  Don’t both deserve our best?

At some point in time, this disease will not be incurable. Why not start today? Some brave doctor must take a stand against the prevailing, limiting belief of disease and care for this person as if they will live. Running a 4-minute mile was once considered impossible, yet today 4 American high school students have accomplished this feat. Things once considered impossible are now routinely being accomplished. Those who believed in the ‘paradigm blindness’ of the day, warned that your lungs would explode if you ran a sub-4 minute mile.

Sometimes we get too ‘frontal lobe fixated’ and we think our only function is to un-pinch nerve function.  Almost like deferring to Newtonian Physics and using dial up to get on the Internet. What about the non-linear Innate Intelligence of the body, that doesn’t travel along the recognized spinal nerve tracts?  With the emergence of Quantum Physics, there are recognized and unrecognized expressions of intelligence that are in the body, but not of the body.

It’s easy to give up on patients. Not enough insurance coverage, too much pain, too chronic, too many doctors seen for the condition. What if you actually treated the adjustment as something sacred or unlimited and offered patients more than merely adult pain relief?  You would realize quickly that what people come in for is less important than them experiencing ongoing Chiropractic care.

Many DCs are not only guilty of giving up on the difficult cases, but they also don’t give adequate care recommendations. Pain relief can at times be very quick, but restoring health is another matter. A personal trainer knows that not a whole lot will be accomplished in a handful of training sessions, so why would Chiropractic be any different?

Gen Xs and Millennials are all over quantum theory. They want to know what can be done as far as health for themselves, their families, especially kids and even their pets. Once they feel the kid-friendly vibe of your office, and understand that you are the kind of doctor that doesn’t back down when the going gets tough, your new patient problems are over.