The Day The World Stopped Spinning

the day the world stopped spinning

Your worst nightmare as a parent has come true: your child is missing.  You call your spouse, you call all of your child’s friends, you call the police, they call the FBI…your child is still missing.  A part of you dies inside, the immediacy of the moment commands you to be there for your child, but there’s a part inside of you that also wants to die.  In a single heartbeat, your world has lost its meaning.

Events like these happen in big vision, large Chiropractic offices.  Seeing hundreds of people per week, it comes with the territory.  Death, loss of children, divorce, kidnapping, rape, horrific diagnosis, etc.   I remember it like it was yesterday.  When the couple came in for their adjustment, they were in a state of shock.  No words were spoken.  We sat on the adjustment table together, held each other and just wept.  Maybe it was a few minutes, maybe it was for an hour, don’t know.  There was nothing else to do at the time.  The practice members ‘had a feeling’ of what was going on and they left to give us space to return later that day for their adjustments.  30, 40 50 practice members understood what was happening and put their own self-interests aside for this grieving couple.

Too many DCs downgrade their importance in people’s lives.  Ditto for the Chiropractic adjustment as merely pain relief.  When you are a special type of DC you are a part of your practice member’s family and become inter-woven in the fabric of their lives.

You are on their terrain map.  “Hey, let’s get an adjustment at Dr. Marie’s office and then grab a bite to eat.”  It’s not an inconvenience or sacrifice.  It’s a CHOICE!

Paying bills, just getting by, or not wanting to help that many people are socially accepted ways of not being there for patients.  You don’t feel the need or bother to be there for people. C’mon, Chiropractic is just a way to make income, right?  Many DCs have offices that don’t represent their true talents and abilities because of this missing ingredient.  They are allowing practice members to tell them how to practice – the way they want them to.               

Every DC I’ve ever helped said the most important thing to them was to gain more new patients and money. Much like a personal trainer whose clients goal is only to lose weight, these DCs goals are too simple. They key to achievement in life is to have purpose or passion behind the thing you do. When you ooze this purpose and passion, people naturally gravitate towards you.  You are a part of their lives, a constant.

Being a big vision, ultra-successful DC is all about self-directed beliefs, not what society tells you to believe.  Whether an attempt at weight loss is successful or not is dependent on the person trying to achieve it. It’s not the new diet or fitness plan.

When you get right down to it, you want the passion back in your life.  To live a life full of meaning and adventure, instead of the boredom of ‘just being another Chiropractor’.  There’s more to being a Chiropractor than being another boring, dentist like person looking for business.

For 16 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of DCs, who’s paths have been the same.  In a world of cookie cutter, cut and paste types, a person who exudes passion is the shining light in a dark tunnel.  Get the purpose and passion back in your life. Renewing that connection with people is the key to having the economics come rushing in.

If you’re interested in a non-sales, non-practice management, contrarian way of practicing the way you want to, call me and you’ll be on the path in a matter of days!