A new breed of DCs is going to emerge

Adversity isn’t new. Wars, nuclear fallout, genocide, racism, losing a loved one, addiction, suicide…the list continues. It’s not the scale of the event, it’s your emotional perception of it. Everyone goes through seen and unseen tragedies but there is a lesson to be learned. Sadly this lesson goes unlearned for the masses. For the discerning few, these hidden lessons can contribute an entirely new dimension not only for your life but all of mankind.

There are no guarantees in this lifetime.

Before you lose perspective on the current mass hysteria, consider this fact we have been through this before. The flu pandemic of 1918 is like deja vu. You have a big part in the solution but it takes courage to put it in play. Lots of DCs have read the article made popular by Dr. Dan Murphy. The information is impotent if it stays in your academic awareness or your analytical frontal lobes. You might think so much has changed, but has it? There was no medicine or vaccine available and yet people recovered under Chiropractic care. Every era looks back in time and judges the care that was utilized then as primitive. Like an athlete, you can’t be compared to generations gone by, only judged on your merits. It’s only when it burns in your DNA that it is of use to you. The Chiropractors of that era can’t match a modern day DCs medical and disease knowledge but they possessed a warrior spirit that can’t be recreated in a video game or online. It was a spirit that was unparalleled. They walked the walk. It was a part of their gestalt, even without being recognized (had no license to practice) as having the ability to help life and death cases.  

Do you know what true health is or do you still think it’s all about back and neck pain?

The magnitude of a known potential illness is steeped against the unknown potential of a world that goes around with interferences to their potential of being human. Time has not been kind to the majority of DCs. They are the butt end of jokes, like in the pejorative sitcom featuring a broke, neurotic DC sponging off his wealthy brother, and they certainly are not a real doctor or MD. 

Diseases have had the headlines throughout our existence on this planet. Even though our focus and resources are aimed at fighting diseases, health is still available and is the natural state of human existence: regardless of what governments or media have conditioned people think. Fighting against disease is a fear-based, force-induced way of living. Moving towards health is a natural state, a power, not a force. Laws are manmade devices aimed at helping people lead more productive, safe lives within the framework of a given society. But laws, however good for many things, can also be used to intimidate and force people to comply with things that seemed like a good idea at the time yet later were seen as not in the best interest of the people. These are the same forces that kept apartheid in South Africa, racism in this country, lack of woman’s rights, forced medical procedures with raising children, allowed Native American children to be removed from their houses and shipped to boarding schools, and the list goes on and on. At some time as a DC,  you have to ask yourself: Do you believe in a higher power or are manmade laws as far as your limited beliefs take you?

Most reading this are totally unfamiliar with the Green Books, or have casually looked at them a bit. To read them is as useless as taking only one martial arts class or doing a couple of workouts and concluding it was a waste of time. Like all great things they take years to study and lots of discipline and  introspection to unlock their meaning. The principles detailed within are a warrior’s code of honor. They are easy to read and quote but are hard to put into practice in all areas of your life. Some consider them quaint and whimsical, saying they are so outdated, etc. In times of adversity, these warriors armed with the principles of a higher calling will help those who don’t have them. They also describe a time where it was illegal to help people under the banner of Chiropractic. With the pandemic of 1918, there were 600,000 deaths in the US and 50 million worldwide. Look at the historical profile of apples to apples and yet the very profession who were on the front lines of the worst plague of the 19th century are letting the ‘big boys’ with their ‘big toys’ of science, dogma and fear do the heavy lifting and run over people roughshod.

DCs sitting on the bench instead of being on the front lines?

How can this be?     

How is it that some DCs reading this will be minimally effected and ultimately will grow when other DCs will be devastated to the point of no return. I’ve use the phrase: degree of vulnerability.It’s the sense of purpose and conviction that DC either has or doesn’t have. It guides you in peacetime but is especially apparent in times of war. Adversity allows the strong, principled to survive and the weaker, less committed to fade away. Adversity will expose your degree of vulnerability or your all in-ness. You will be surprised and disappointed during a period of adversity with your brother and sister’s degree of vulnerability. From the ashes, a new breed of DCs will emerge with a grateful nod to the past. Those who can be counted on in times of health and times of adversity.