A timely message from Dr. Kevin

Stay in your lane and talk about health instead of joining and giving strength to the problem. Don’t become a free spokesperson for something you didn’t know about just a few months ago. Serve your people to the best of your ability. Don’t sucked into the mass hysteria. As DCs, this is our time to shine!

My nephew called me to tell me his Chiropractor was closing the office to do his civic duty to the highest level. Whaaat? If you are a DC with a larger belief and understanding of Chiropractic, how can you sit on the sidelines? You have the ability to heal that other don’t have. Don’t be shamed into being a good comrade. We can’t wait on the sidelines hoping someone else does the heavy lifting. It starts with each of us.

Any adversity in life separates or exposes the all in from those just along for the ride. 

We see this in all arenas of life. In sports, some that are injured just won’t go through the pain and effort of rehab and simply quit. When Life U lost its accreditation, a lot of DCs simply quit. It was the end of the road for them. Society is actually geared toward dropping back to Plan b, taking an easier path, get another job, or just quit and be done with it.

Commitment to anything tests who you are and what you stand for.  Are we talking marriage, parenting, your true beliefs about Chiropractic, or standing before people in truth? Being contrarian is not just in your practice, it’s in all areas of your life.  Do you believe in a higher power or are manmade laws as far as your limited beliefs take you?  When things get tough do you give in to external factors or do you call upon your strength?

My mentor, Dr. Joe Flesia, said being all in comes down to three factors. 1. Depth of belief in Chiropractic. 2. Belief in self. 3. Too much belief in science and medicine. I would always argue with all three. Don’t we all have a great belief in Chiropractic? He would patiently explain that some DCs have a shallow belief. #2 goes without saying and #3 isn’t apparent until a monumental event happens…like now!

You can tell the DCs who have a single minded purpose, they’re on the front lines serving people. One of our members remarked that there is little time between people, it’s still very busy!

External factors will wax and wane for the rest of your life. It’s your choice to participate or to stay in your lane.  

Choose wisely and keep Chiropractic sacred in your office.