Stay in your lane!

Don’t become a spokesperson for something that you didn’t know anything about just a few months ago. Stay in your lane! Use your common sense and even then, go above and beyond it. You are a Chiropractor. Focus on your people and serve them well.

If you’re a musculoskeletal person only, stick to what you know and serve your people in need. With your limited belief and understanding of Chiropractic, serve to the best of your abilities. Don’t make fun of or attack those DCs who have a higher ability level, understanding, and belief.

If you are a DC with a larger belief and understanding of Chiropractic, you know about the overall health benefits that go above and beyond pain relief only. Don’t make fun of the limited believers who may not understand as much as you do. They are terrified and confused during this hectic time. We must stand together; we are all brothers and sisters.

I’ve been watching American Idol, (you caught me, all sports are canceled!) and the contestants all have great voices but the nerves, panic, and low confidence sabotage their efforts. It’s not that they can’t sing it’s just they look at an opportunity as adversity. The world gets deprived of great voices because of their mental conditioning and self-image.

There is nothing wrong with the services we provide as Chiropractors. Unfortunately, politicians and government officials don’t see it that way. Chiropractic was invented in 1895 to help people get healthy and STAY healthy, not to combat viruses that weren’t invented yet. Stand up for what you believe. Your gift is sacred. Stay in your lane!

If you’re looking for some guidance during these uncertain times, click here or call me. Your dream practice is still within reach. We’ll talk to you soon!

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