Another promising future thrown away to being an associate

Just got off the phone with another bright, hungry, young DC who was ready to take on the world last week.  Couldn’t wait to join The New Renaissance and start his very own practice.  I really believed in this kid…he had much more potential than half the young DC’s that I come across these days…but something happened in a week’s time.  I hadn’t heard from him until today.  Turns out, he’s an associate.  He signed a 5-yr contract to be locked into minimum wage with “potential” for bonuses, and he’ll also have the “potential” to lecture about vitamins, weight loss therapy, and other things he didn’t go to school for.

Obviously I sighed in disappointment on the other end of the phone.  His response?

“Being an associate will solve my problems and bring me riches and satisfaction.”

Many brand new DC’s postpone opening their own practices in the hopes of ‘finding’ a well-intentioned, well-meaning DC who will show them the ropes.  GOOD LUCK!  “I have some land for you down in Florida, a little wet, but it’s not a swamp.”  For every exception, we have the horror stories of the rule.  The rule is: most DC’s hire associates to help create profit and market share.  If the hiring doctor had the answers, chances are, they would not be seeking the assistance of an associate.  Your long-term (and sometimes short-term) needs will not be met.  You will be substantially compromising your dream.

You can only help those who want the help, but it sure is such a shame to see futures thrown away for a pipe dream.  Contrary to popular belief and trend, you do not have to become an associate to become a successful Chiropractor.  All you need is a little guidance and belief in both yourself, and most importantly, Chiropractic.