"A Gift of Hope"

Front page news!  Love Has No Color made the front page of a Wisconsin newspaper.  The story features TNR members Dr. Trina Blackman Morgan and Dr. Andrena Sayles, as well as Dr. Kevin Pallis (co-owner of TNR).  It sheds light on what Love Has No Color’s Christmas on the Reservation is really all about, and hopefully will generate some awareness about the atrocious conditions on the Reservation.  From exposure like this, we are hoping many people that want to help out will contact us and get involved.  Read the full article here.

Remember that Christmas on the Reservation is not just a once-a-year thing.  We accept donations, toys, and other needed items YEAR ROUND.  Please visit www.coachingforchiropractors.com/love-has-no-color to find out other ways of getting involved.  Every penny and gesture makes a world of a difference for these kids!