Are You A “Sitting Duck?”


Is your life a game of choice or a game of chance? When you continue to focus your consciousness on a game of chance, you allow others to define the rules and create a second hand world. You may be aware you are living a life of chance or you may be completely oblivious to it. Either way you lose; you are now being targeted as a sitting duck.

The sitting duck DC crouches behind their desk every day, spending hours killing time online. They chit-chat incessantly with their CAs, love interruptions and drama, and eagerly look forward to the new day’s promise of “Bright Shiny Objects” in their inbox. They keep doing the same things day in and day out hoping that things will change…by chance. Their office, their practice members, and their income are left up to chance and as a result, they’re frustrated, disillusioned, and frozen with fear. Many have given up hope and have elected to endure pain and lower the expectations they had coming out of school.

The opposite of the sitting duck is the DC who creates a life and practice by their choice. They spent four years of living a very low-income life, studying relentlessly, suffering from sleep deprivation, living on Ramen, and acquiring lots of information they will never use again. They choose not to repeat this pattern. Been there, done that. Many DCs are sitting ducks because, unbeknownst to them, they are repeating the student pattern by not living a life of choice.

The critical mistake of the sitting duck DC

A sitting duck DC allows the economy and insurance companies to create their reality. A Chiropractor of choice creates their own reality in any economy, with or without insurance. Face it doc, VSC is not dependent on age or symptoms. A sitting duck DC sees only adult musculoskeletal practice members…and so do MDs, PTs, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, etc. You have no unique factor…once again, you my friend, are a sitting duck. Truly, a DC of chance. Only DCs of choice detect and correct VSC. This is our unique factor.

Couple this unique factor with the undisputable fact that committed parents will do anything for their children. They will make the impossible possible and the irrational rational. They will not fall short when it comes to their children. You see this all the time with parents getting in fistfights in the stands of the little league game, dropping everything to take their child to a music lesson or drama practice, and making their kids apply to 20 plus colleges to spare them the agony of rejection.

If you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about. You’d do anything for your kids. But we sacrifice our integrity every time we tell our kids to do their best when we aren’t even doing that ourselves. “To learn and study every day, and show your best effort.” What about us? How did DCs become sitting ducks who leave everything up to chance?

DCs of chance must stand at the back of the line with all the other purveyors of symptom relief only and await their slow and painful death. When you have no connection to children, there is a natural law that decrees, “you will be replaced”; a precarious position to be in, both economically and from the standpoint of choosing how to live your life. When society tells you how to act and what to believe, you will crave acceptance and buckle at the first sign of patient confrontation.

Stop acting like a DC of chance. Stand out; don’t blend in. Choose to be part of something that stirs your spirit like the day you decided to become a DC. There is no better time to rediscover your courage. Welcome to the world of DCs of choice.