The stories we tell ourselves

stories that affect your practice

I treasure every conversation with brother and sister Chiropractors and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard enthusiastic, energetic DCs, who love being DCs, give me reasons for why their practice sucks. “Well see Dr. Kevin, my parents are aging and one has a serious illness, the romantic relationship I was in ended badly, people in my town don’t like wellness, much less the idea of bringing their kids in. On top of it all, the credit cards are maxed out, I haven’t had a vacation in years, and lately even taking the dog out is a hassle. If these things hadn’t have happened, my practice would be exploding!”

The stories we tell ourselves are as varied as the situations we find ourselves in. And it seems like we are the only ones with these situations in our lives. As long as we keep telling ourselves these stories, they will limit our lives and practices. In truth, everyone has situations, bullies (IRS, insurance companies, lawyers, lovers) and events that can indeed affect your practice…if you let them.

We all will experience challenges that make growing a practice difficult. The key is to insulate your practice, regardless of what’s going on in your life. It’s one of the few things in life you can exert the most control over! Many DCs continue to endure the endless stories of things, events, people, and circumstances that prevent them from practicing Chiropractic the way they want to. Others say “ENOUGH!” and ask for help to once and for all not be at the mercy of external factors.

Something magical happens when one puts away the pride and stubbornness of going at it alone and seeks guidance to bring out their true talents and abilities. Like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, taking the time to allow someone to develop your raw talent so you can become the best makes all the difference. Why should other DCs enjoy great practices and not you?

Not only will your practice improve, but relationships improve, peace of mind improves and that low level dread and anxiety disappears for good.

There are always two paths: continuing with your current strategy, which could lead to undeveloped raw talent, or asking for help in creating the practice of your dreams. All pro athletes have coaches and if you’re really honest with yourself, you have had help in getting to where you are. It’s time for the next leg of your journey!