How to have no competition in your community

distinguish yourself as the best chiropractor

Your new patient bat phone has been dead. Your Facebook likes rival that of your 14 year old son’s rock band. Helloooo, is anybody out there?! Your collections and patient numbers aren’t plummeting, but they sure aren’t great. You’ve got your eyes on a great vacation, that fun toy, a new porch, but that will have to wait because of the lull in your economics. You call a staff meeting, once again, to rally the troops and proceed to rant and rave to your CAs. You talk about new patients, recalling old patients, and yet another trick to get people in the door, but the result is the same.

What’s really going on?

Have you ever thought that you’re simply blending in with all other DCs in your area? The color beige doesn’t exactly scream “PICK ME!!!” If you accept the current perception of Chiropractic (as illustrated in 2 and a Half Men), you’re never going to have a unique factor. And without this unique factor, there’s no urgency, no compelling reason for people to beat a path to your door and make your practice go viral.


You can stand out in any environment, at any location, in a cash or insurance practice with one small change: offer 3 types of care in your office – condition based care, corrective care, & wellness care.

All DCs offer condition based care, that’s a given. But the corrective and wellness care separate you from all other DCs. It’s your unique factor. Just offering these two additional types of care offers the following advantages:

  • you can take on the tough cases that are hugely economically satisfying and will make your heart sing as a DC
  • you will start seeing more children aka the most recession proof entity in your practice
  • your referral rate will skyrocket
  • your retention will move to 3, 5, 10x national average of 7 visits

If you went back to all your previous patients you’ve seen and offered 3 types of care, your office would look wildly different. You would be earning 3 to 5 times the income you are currently earning. Less dropout, more impressive clinical results, much more loyalty to your office.

When people understand your unique factor, they are willing to do things in your office that they would never do at other common, one size fits all, typical DC offices down the street. Things like paying inside or outside of insurance, complying with recommendations, coming in for ongoing care, bringing in families, the list goes on!

Installing the 3 types of care in your office is not rocket science, it’s rather formulaic. All you need is a willingness to adapt to increasing competition and changing consumers (millennials – very educated, and very skeptical).
Any DCs interested in having some guidance in implementing this shift in their offices, please call or click me. I have a limited number of 30-day FREE coaching slots available for DCs who want to take their offices to the next level.