Are you being tempted?

Think about that couple you know, the one that’s been married for decades and just seems to be enamored with each other. They never changed to society’s whims. They aren’t racing around and would rather enjoy each other’s company at home. It’s not that they haven’t noticed the other beautiful people around, it’s just they didn’t have a need to stray away.

All the values that society promises couldn’t give them what they already had.

In Chiropractic it’s rare to see a truly once-in-a-lifetime DC who hasn’t been tempted by the fruits of another…no, not those fruits as Squeeze famously harmonized a long time ago, I mean BSO’s or multiple streams of income.

There is nothing wrong or right with BSOs as far as they go, but if you didn’t get paid for them, would you ever use them?

If you were a busy and ultra-successful DC, how would you have the time for them?

Because of a loss of passion and purpose (aka a loss of your MOJO), DCs turn to these economic crutches as a way of offsetting their sagging Chiropractic incomes.

In a business world, that’s what you do.

The more you use and depend on these economic crutches the less income they give you and the value of your Chiropractic adjustment decreases as well.

Then the cycle starts anew as you look for the next scheme to deliver income at the expense of ‘who you are’ and ‘what you stand for’.

Are you in service to your practice members or are they merely people who you need to sell things to?

The more your passion and purpose have deserted you, the more your eyes start to wander looking for quick fixes to bail you out of your financial woes.

When you’re fabulously happy doing what you love to do and you are in fair exchange, what else is there?

Wouldn’t it create permanent security in your life if you always knew how to use PURE CHIROPRACTIC to see kids, difficult cases, and care above and beyond pain relief only, inside and outside insurance?

Then you could decide to use BSO’s if you want. But first, it’s time to get that excitement and passion back in your life with Chiropractic!

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