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It’s so easy to be a pain relief doctor: pandering to the expectations, desires, and schedules of patients. It will entirely change your practice to do something above and beyond pain relief. This change takes a special kind of DC. Too many DCs want to see kids, difficult cases, and wellness but feel they have to sacrifice economics to do so.

There is no sacrifice in wanting to be a once-in-a-lifetime DC!

Just got off the phone with a DC who loves being principled, but has it deeply etched in his brain that having a small practice is a badge of honor.

Those other DCs are selling out Chiropractic he growled; they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

I tried to calm him down and tell him that all DCs have the right to practice the way of their choosing. He wanted to stick to his story of that his way of practicing was the right way and you must sacrifice your economics in the name of doing good.

I asked him, “what if you could have both?” practice the way you choose and have great economics. This is when he became silent and tuned into our conversation.

At TNR, we don’t attempt to prove to DCs how to practice. Simply, we take them from where they are to where they want to be with no sacrifice of economics.

Just got off the phone with a PI doctor and he was interested in what TNR could do for his practice. 

Now mind you, if a PI doctor is calling you, it’s usually because there is something very wrong with their practice. There is a proverbial gun in his back. Insurance probes, audits, board hassles, marital issues, and more.  If the money is pouring in, there is really no reason to change.

Especially once they realize the training necessary to go from PI to a once-in-a-lifetime DC.

You can’t apply the rules of PI onto seeing kids, difficult cases, and wellness; it’s an entirely different animal.

His question: “Dr. Kevin let me get this straight, no decompression on kids, no ultrasound on babies, or pregnant moms, what else should I be on the lookout for?”

My answer: “No, seeing these patients requires a different skill set and mindset.”

He mentioned how one of his children was very ill and something inside was telling him it was time to change his focus in his office.

He was also concerned that he was going to have to sacrifice some of his economics by seeing patients other than PI/WC.


There is no sacrifice of economics in wanting to be a once- in-a-lifetime DC.  

There is no one right way to practice; we help DCs by getting them from where they to where they want to be!

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