Hear us out…kids NEED Chiropractic care too!

You’ve had a children’s spinal screening in the past that nobody showed up for. There are pamphlets and posters about children’s health in your office and nobody reads them. You’ve bought the stuffed animal that makes a clicking sound. You’ve written about seeing kids in your blog, but there your practice sits as an adult pain and symptom relief office.

What gives?

Anything that you do to move toward seeing more kids in your office is a great thing but superficial changes are not enough!

You don’t need special tables, unless you want them, or any special equipment.

Children and Chiropractic is not a new concept. Unfortunately though, to the majority of people it is. If you focus on symptom relief only, your patients will come in only based on how they feel.

With helping a lot of DCs over the years, one thing I’ve noticed is that DCs focus on the clinical and skimp on patient education and creating relationships of trust with their patients.

Even if you have advanced training and certifications there are other factors in play.

The shift to see kids in your practice begins in the internal beliefs of the doctor. It’s not as easy to adjust miniature spines. There is no decompression therapy for babies. 

There has to be a connection to suffering kids. A way of getting parents to understand that getting back to health is more important than knowing all about the problem.

Seeing children is not an a la carte item, it should be front and center.

Many pediatric losses of health are accepted. There is talk of medications to soften the blow but no talks about returning to health.

Today, Millennials and Gen X parents are demanding that doctors, of all types, step up to help themselves and their children become healthier.

At TNR, we are not here to convince nor prove to you how to practice.

We’re here to facilitate and guide ambitious DCs who wish to be successful while helping tons of kids!

With many DCs, they either want to be ultra successful or helping lots of people.

At TNR, it’s not either or, it’s both. 

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