The missing ingredient

So many DCs are attracted to certifications and academic degrees only to find out the hard and expensive way that if you continue to care and process these patients as you have in the past, all your hard earned abilities get wasted and you are stuck holding the proverbial bag!

It’s not the certificate or the academic degree, it’s that you’re not using all of your abilities and it shows in your office. One ingredient that distinguishes DCs from others is their RETENTION rate!

The typical chorus at Chiropractic seminars is the battle cry for new patients. To the discerning DC the real emphasis and permanent solution to new patient scarcity is retention!

Having people come in for the expected handful of visits is exhausting, expensive, and saps your spirit. You won’t get the same satisfaction that comes from miracles happening each hour of the day!

Your economics will also suffer. Deny it as much as you will but replacing departing patients will low quality new ones is not GROWTH!

Merely making a living is different that truly making a difference in the lives of people you serve.

Not only will you be handicapped in your clinical results, but patients are even more commitment disabled, more demanding, and more resistive!

You can’t force people to stay in your office, but you can invest in each and every patient’s understanding in your office. You can also create relationships of trust with every patient.

Without trust, retention goes into the toilet.

With trust, not only will you get a lot more retention, you also get referrals.

How can there be so much difference between 2 DCs with the same degree?

One has coaching and training that allows each new patient that enters their office to be worth 3,5,10x that same new patient walking into the DCs office down the street.

It’s not about insurance coding, selling, marketing, manipulating, closing, or bright shiny objects…it’s putting the best needs of each and every patient at the forefront of your mind and watch how your practice grows as a result.

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