You love your patients, they’re such characters. They keep their appointments, pay for care (most of the time), and refer in some new people to you. For the first few weeks they are solid. But as their symptoms improve they have a predictable behavior, their attendance becomes spotty and other priorities seem to get in the way of their care. If you had one wish, wouldn’t it be that they understood Chiropractic is more than adult pain relief?

You can’t complain if you don’t educate them.

Patient education gets a bad rap. It’s boring, unnecessary, and doesn’t do anything.

It is actually more important than your adjustment. Think of how many patients have prematurely departed that you have adjusted. This drop off of patients doesn’t get better with years in practice. It’s a myth that patient education doesn’t work.

Patient education allows people to enjoy the complete benefits of Chiropractic care.  

To educate or not?  Your practice reflects your deep seated beliefs on the subject!

What if you were dead wrong?

All of your current patient and practice frustrations stem from a lack of understanding of what Chiropractic is. If you don’t educate your patients for their benefit, do it for your sanity!

If you’re basing everything you do on the adjustment and how they feel you will suffer from a low patient visit average, low referral, and lowered economics.

You will face two choices: either become a salesperson of bright shiny objects to sell your patients and suffer the burden of a small practice where people take advantage of you OR become a once-in-a-lifetime-DC.

At TNR, we have a reputation for creating these DCs. Truth be told; they were already great DCs and great people what they really needed were SYSTEMS in place that communicated their expectations with patients.

If you don’t have these systems in place, patients will impose their beliefs on you which of course you already know…a few visits, lots of insurance hassles, not seeing kids, and etc.

If you aren’t thrilled with your practice, drop the stubbornness and the “I’ll figure it out if it kills me” attitude and allow yourself to have someone in your corner who will show you the way!