Are you standing up to the bully?

“What bully,” you say? “Dr. Kevin and Dr. Ed, nobody bullies me, I’m a big girl or big boy DC.”

I just got back from breakfast at the ‘greasy spoon’ that I used to go when I skipped school as a kid (to play hockey, what else?) and here is what I witnessed: A man who was being verbally pushed around by his three teenage kids. They were treating him with gross disrespect and insubordination. They sat down to eat and all they did was argue. As if that wasn’t enough, the front door to the diner flies open and another teenage girl appears (his daughter) and she demands in dramatic fashion that he drive her to school (it’s only ¼ of a mile away and her back hurts). Everyone in the diner eagerly awaited what was going to happen at this ‘shootout at OK corral.’ You could hear a pin drop. He got up in the middle of his breakfast with the other kids and sheepishly drove her to school. If you could only see the looks and the mouths dropped in that diner!

DC’s are being bullied and because they are so used to it…they don’t even see it!

Maybe you’re being bullied by patients that negotiate your fees and recommendations. Perhaps it’s insurance companies or personal injury attorneys. Or maybe it’s CA’s that don’t believe in you or your vision. Perhaps your spouse and yourself have grown apart or lost respect for one another. Typical ‘roommantics’ (roommates) who play house, share in the child rearing responsibilities and bills, with or without benefits.

The easiest and fastest way to stop being bullied is standing up to the bully

You’ve got to take a stand in your life and practice. Being bullied leads to a lack of purpose and passion. It affects all areas of your life. By going through the motions, you don’t feel alive, you don’t feel connected…you feel alone and isolated.

Rediscover your purpose and passion

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