Finally… the marriage of philosophy and science


Traditionally there were two camps of thought; the science based DC’s and the philosophy based DC’s.  This causes an identity incongruity of DC’s in the mind of the American public.  The same health conscious public now asks who will provide wellness for their families?  Since 1977 Renaissance has been uniting all DC’s with a common vision of Chiropractic… healthier people create a healthier world.  Backed by science and philosophy the Renaissance DC wears the colors of global vision.  When your life is “cause” oriented… dedicated to a “cause”… committed to a big vision, nothing stops you… nothing.  Not, where or how do I get new patients, not dumb questions, not the insurance issue, not politics, not administration, not who to hire, not anything.

The New Renaissance stands for an intent, a morality, and the ethics of a warrior/hero dedicated to a higher truth than self.  A hero is ready to do whatever it takes to complete the mission of bringing Chiropractic to the world.  This readiness comes as a result of homework and redefining the hero’s intent or belief system.  Before the hero can face his enemy or mission, he must first face himself.

This means that the hero must have a spiritual or moral gyroscope.  This internal mechanism keeps his/her soul operating on an even and constant high plane, no matter how adverse the conditions under which he/she must operate.  It is this internal gyroscope that makes it possible for the hero to endure.  You endure because you know you are a better person than your opponent: more pure, more consecrated, and more sanctified.  You have been blessed by a higher power who gave you a higher power.  You can suffer, tolerate, or undergo anything.  This may not sound like a lot of fun, but ask anyone who has put their everything into something, it’s galactic!

It is our unshakable belief that when the two intrinsic values called intent (belief in Chiropractic and self) and homework are refined in anyone, it propels the newfound hero to previously unattainable heights of achievement.  When these two conditions are combined with an absolute moral code, the hero becomes invincible.  It is this mental edge that keeps the hero prepared at all times.  Tough questions from patients, tough patients, nah, not for the hero.  Answers are spontaneous, always right, and contain the proper flow of energy.

The Renaissance hero wears the colors of global vision.    Our vision does not begin and end with health, or our offices.  Rather, it is so much more than that; it’s adhering to ethical and moral principles, a code of honor among a group of DC’s who have a bigger vision than self.  Patients are not inconsequential playthings to be used up and replaced.  Instead, they are members of the human race.  When you hone yourself to the sharpness of a razor’s edge and continually train your moral gyroscope, it becomes more and more powerful.  It sustains you at your mental and physical peak, even if you thought you would never be in this place we call Renaissance.

With this as your essential core, what kind of practice do you think you would have?  That’s right – a modern day hero’s practice.  Everything you do in practice is aligned with a bigger vision than self.  Your practice is filled with people that want what you have.  Financial problems?  Not for the hero DC.  Short-term patients who have a low respect for Chiropractic and your office?  Not for the hero DC.  How about the CA’s at a hero DC’s office?  Truly a dream team of teammates.

Most reading this will react in a predictable fashion with comments of, “This can’t be possible!” This type of practice or this way of life is totally foreign to many readers.  Many will loudly proclaim that their practice is stressful and filled with daily problems.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Think about professional athletes who love the game that they play.  They are playing a game and being paid huge amounts of money to do something they love.

Have you ever seen a hero on a passionate mission?  There is something majestic about being “in the moment” in both your practice and your life.  You can’t buy it, sell it, and it can’t be given to you.  You have to make it happen yourself.  Heroes are developed from the inside, out.  Do you have what it takes to be a modern day hero in Chiropractic?