Are you still using dial-up to get on the internet?

Is you life a game of choice or a game of chance?  When you continue to focus your consciousness on a game of chance, you aren’t making your own decisions.  You allow others to define the rules and create a secondhand world in which you must exist.  You may be aware you are living a life of chance or you may be completely oblivious to it.  Either way you lose; welcome to the frustrating world of dial-up to get on the internet.


The game of chance DC crouches behind their desk everyday spending hours on the computer killing time.  Does your spouse know of all of those ‘dark’ websites you frequent?  They chit-chat incessantly with their CA’s.  They love interruptions and being sucked in to solution-less drama.  They eagerly look forward to the new day’s promise of ‘can’t miss opportunities’ online and in snail mail.  Distractions rule the consciousness of DC’s of chance.


DC’s of chance keep doing the same things day in and day out hoping that things will change…by chance.  Their offices, their practice members and their income are left up to chance.  They are frustrated, overwhelmed, disillusioned and frozen with fear.  Many have given up hope and have elected to endure the pain of living a life of chance instead of choice.  Many are lowering their lifestyles and letting their dreams die.  But what if there was another way?


The opposite of the DC living a life of chance is the DC who creates a life and practice by choice.  You spent four years living a very low-income life of studying, sleep deprivation, all you can eat (and drink) bargains, and acquiring lots of information you will never use.  They choose not to repeat this pattern.  Been there, done that.  They choose habits and behaviors that create success.  When people attempt to lure them into drama or energy sucking activities, they politely decline.  By choosing to be a DC of choice, they use their energy toward their goals, not squandering it on useless activities.


A DC of chance allows the economy and insurance companies to create their reality.  A Chiropractor of choice creates their own reality in any economy, with or without insurance.  Face it doctor, Chiropractic came along long before insurance and will be here long after insurance, national healthcare, etc.  The DC of choice adapts, the DC of chance lives day to day.  VSC is not dependant on age or symptoms.  A DC of chance sees adult musculoskeletal pain only.  So do MD’s, PT’s, massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, etc.  You have no unique factor…you once again are a sitting duck.  Truly, a DC of chance.  Only DC’s of choice detect and correct VSC.  This is our unique factor.


Couple this unique factor with the indisputable fact that committed parents will do anything when it comes to their children.  They will make the impossible possible (like paying cash) and the irrational, rational (like bringing kids to the Chiropractor).  They will not fall short when it comes to their children.  You see this in youth sports with parents getting in fistfights in the stands (including women!), signing 14 year olds to Division One scholarships.  How about making kids apply to 20 plus colleges to spare the little darlings rejection?


Before going to Life University, my daughter Christy was launching a career as a country western singer.  Occasionally, I make suggestions of an artist who she may find interesting to cover.  I really like an artist named Miranda Lambert.  Young, feisty and catchy lyrics.  Christy marveled at the suggestion (she is one of her favorites) and is covering one of her songs, “White Liar”.  The lyrics are:


You said you went out to a bar and walked some lady to her car,

But your face has more to tell.

My cousin saw you on the street with a redhead named Bernice

Turns out you don’t lie too well.

Hey white liar

Truth comes out a little at a time.

And it spreads just like a fire

Slips off of your tongue like turpentine…


Ahh, encrypted in the simple lyrics of a country western song we find the difference between words and action.  It’s the ‘white lies’ we tell ourselves as DC’s that we don’t have any responsibility to children…only to our incomes and survival.  Let someone else worry about children’s health.  We tell ‘white lies’ to our kids to do their best when we aren’t.  To learn and study every day, and show your best effort.  What about us?  How did DC’s get so far away from the idea that drove them to want to be DC’s in the first place?  Seeing children is a choice, it’s not by chance.


DC’s of chance must ‘sit at the back of the bus’ with all other purveyors of symptom relief only and await their slow and painful death.  When you have no connection to kids, there is a natural law that decrees: “you will be replaced” because you are in a ‘me too’ position instead of being in a category of one.  A precarious position to be in, both economically and from the standpoint of choosing how to live your life.  When society tells you how to act and what to believe, you will crave acceptance instead of standing up for what you believe.  You won’t stand up for Chiropractic.  You’ll buckle at the first sign of patient confrontation.


Stop acting like a DC of chance.  Stand out; don’t blend in.  Choose to be part of a community that stirs your spirit like the day you decided to become a DC.  There is no better time to re-discover your courage.  Welcome to the world of DC’s of choice.