Akitas Tell the Truth …Even in the Face of Death

How many times as Chiropractors do we ‘shade’ the truth or perhaps avoid it all together?  Many of us adjust our own children and yet professionally we minimize the importance of Chiropractic care for children.  Akitas have the courage of integrity even in the face of death.  They are authentically Akitas in all environments, not just when it’s socially accepted or convenient.  Akita DC’s talk children and Chiropractic to all practice members.  They don’t pick and pan which people might accept a new health concept.  Everyone gets the same message, the same truth.


Have you ever had to put down a dog?  As tears roll down my cheeks, I remember the day I had to put Kuma down.  The tug-of-war between enjoying him and having him as part of our family and his suffering was acutely apparent.  As a human, and hopefully knowing what is in his best interest, the decision was made.  There he lay.  A mere shadow of his former self.  His spirit was still all Akita, however his physical body had worn out.  The time had come to let him go.  The vet was called and a special blanket was chosen to wrap him in.  Our children all put in cards and toys for him to remember them by.  We had one of our patients build a casket for his burial.  He looked at my wife and I with a look that understood it was the end of the road for him.  He licked us as to bid us farewell for a great adventure of a life.


His favorite place in the world was on the highest part of our property overlooking the pond where he had spent so many hours chasing geese, frogs, fish, and other wildlife.  For non-animal lovers you can’t access the feelings of loss, hurt, and mortality my family experienced.  There are rocks to mark his grave in the ground, however he lives in the hearts of my wife and my children.  He was and is a part of their lives.


As DC’s do you have the same courage to recommend what’s best for your practice members when you do your Report of Findings?  Or do you water down your findings according to what an insurance company will pay for?  Not telling your practice members the truth is not the way of the Akita.  In an age of talk show silliness, reality shows, and rhetorical questions being substituted for wisdom, you’d be surprised how many parents will be thrilled with you (and make a lasting bond with you) when you exhibit the courage to help their children and their families.  Kuma taught this DC when I was a young man to tell the truth in the face of adversity as well as when things are great.  Be different…be an Akita DC.