There is an Answer to Your Frustrations

When was the last time you mingled with people you didn’t know?

When you entered Chiropractic College, you didn’t know a single person in your class and yet by the end you knew everybody. You agreed (you actually didn’t have a choice) that the only way to get a diploma in Chiropractic was to join a class at a Chiropractic College. It could not have be done any other way. You did the same thing when you tried out for a sports team, music group, or when you first dated that someone special. YOU JOINED…you did not go it alone. You had to put up with the temporary, uncomfortable, and sometimes scary feeling of joining but the outcomes were always rewarding. No, this is not about requesting a friend onFacebook…this is real life. The solution was and is in joining.

The peril today in Chiropractic is going at it alone

Much like a man lost and refusing to ask for directions, many will actually stay stuck rather than join a group of like-minded DC’s who under normal circumstances would not hang around each other. Not even on social media. What brings these DCs together is a love for Chiropractic, a mutual support for each other regardless of individual differences, and the undying awareness that they are not average. Even when some of them had average or even below average practices. They gave up trying to figure it out on their own and did something that changed their lives forever…they asked for help.

     Imagine being in a plane crash

You are euphoric from surviving the pain and agony but are left with the guilt of knowing others didn’t. You quickly gather up the survivors and collectively go about the task of helping the injured and planning for your rescue. Eventually the day comes when you are saved but some of the surviving passengers won’t stay in contact with one another after. Even though they literally shared a life and death experience, they go back to their regular lives and don’t look back. There is nothing right or wrong with that, it’s just the way some people would respond.

Unlike the feelings of these survivors who choose to go it alone…

The delight in our escape from disaster will never subside as we go our individual ways. The catastrophe would actually create an unwavering tie in our hearts and our souls that could never be broken. Joining together was not only the guarantee to our survival…it was the solution. There is no way we could do it alone. We often see this same idea in Chiropractic. Upon graduation, there is a loss of community. You find yourself going at it alone. Oh, you have a spouse, children, and a nice way of life; however there is still a vague erosion of your spirit. Your family cannot guide you in pursuit of Chiropractic excellence no matter how much they love you.

What does the TNR community feel like?

“Simply stated, Dr. Kevin is about intent and context. He is the “big picture” coach. Dr. Ed is more about intent and content. He is your “detail oriented” coach. But to me they are so much more than that.

I started coaching with TNR in 2006. I was scared, stressed, and unsure of myself. I felt like a failure. I was afraid to answer the TNR questionnaire because I feared Dr. Kevin and Dr. Ed would think I was a failure too. Neither Dr. Ed nor Dr. Kevin ever mentioned or focused on my failures in my first practice.

Dr. Kevin was my first Chiropractic coach. Dr. Kevin has the gift of “sight”. He is able to see your greatness long before you can see it yourself. Dr. Kevin sees your talents, strengths, inner light and beauty. He pulls it out from deep inside you so it exudes from your whole being and finally becomes a part of you. During our coaching calls, Dr. Kevin told me what he saw in me and built my confidence and self esteem. I started to see me as he saw me. I was finally able to share my true self with my practice members. As a result I saw more people in my first year Chiropractic coaching then I ever saw after four years in my first practice.

I started coaching with Dr. Ed when I started craving “details.” Dr. Ed really scared me at first because being asked to perform procedures on our coaching calls brought up that old fear of failure again. I quickly realized that Dr. Ed was really good at building confidence with performing the procedures. Dr. Ed “tweaks” the way you perform the procedural wheel to continually help you improve how you communicate with your practice members. Countless times I have called Dr. Ed and asked him how to better communicate with staff, practice members, my husband and kids. Dr. Ed has a way of making the procedures fun to learn. He constantly motivates you to strive to be better at procedures, communication and TIC.

Both coaches have a way to ignite your passion for TIC and for helping more people. They have the ability to make you feel like you are their only coaching client. They challenge you, support you, encourage you and help to build you up so you can be the best Chiropractor, parent and spouse you can be. They are about success in ALL areas of your life. Dr. Ed and Dr. Kevin changed my life forever. They have helped with our practice, marriage and with raising our kids. Coaching with TNR was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

-Dr. Helena Beacom, DC