Calm Before the Storm

Ever get in a situation where it’s so easy to join everybody else in the doom and gloom? The temptation pulls at you. It’s almost like “There’s no way we can beat this team”. Look at the size of them and their skill level, their record, etc. It’s almost like giving up before the game is actually played. We have a situation in Illinois where there are going to be insurance law changes. The average DC has resigned themselves to being no solutions or the solutions of ‘Big Brother’ or government. DC’s are throwing thousands of dollars into legal funds, examining other ways to produce income, but not one mention of being a better, more prosperous DC. It’s not surprising that to a man/woman each TNR DC in Illinois has stepped up big time in TNR. One DC is coaching with Dr. Kevin and Dr. Ed, H2H’s, TNR events, etc. They are meeting with other TNR offices on a regular basis to talk about solutions, weathering the storm, offering support with absolute assurance knowing that Chiropractic was there before, during, and after insurance. They are going to be okay because they are in a group (TNR) that was born in the fire instead of the comfy confines of an overstuffed sofa. Instead of joining the chaos of no solutions, they are leaning on TNR more than ever and taking action.