Is There a Secret Enemy Eating Away at Your Practice?


Hello Doctor. There are solutions to your practice problems if you know where to look.  If your practice is ‘just okay’ or not growing, this is important financial news for you.  You may have a SECRET ENEMY working inside your office every day – accelerating the deterioration of your practice, making it worse.  Practice growth might seem all but impossible or overwhelming in this economy.  The SECRET ENEMY is hard to find on your own.  It’s not an easy task to eliminate it without help.  By not eliminating it within a practice, it’s nearly impossible for a DC to grow in this ‘dark’ economy.

You know the agony and frustration of watching the checkbook, downsizing, not buying toys, putting off vacations, brushing aside home improvements, and even delaying having more children.  Your spouse even looks and responds to your differently, like you’ve somehow betrayed them by yourloss of income.  You don’t smile or laugh like you used to, you worry constantly, and you’re not sleeping very well (especially Sunday nights).  You’ve done everything you know how to do and you still have a practice that doesn’t reflect your true talents and abilities.

Discover the Surprising Connection: There is a ‘closed loop’ between having a growing, exciting practice and your CAs.  With so much emphasis (and rightly so) on the doctor, sometimes CAs slip through the cracks.  Most DCs train their new CAs for a couple of weeks and set them to the task.  Their training is inadequate and they can’t improve themselves or their value to your office by merely doing their jobs.  They are not able to help your office grow.  You are going at it alone when you don’t have to.  Much like golf you don’t get better by playing, only by practicing.  You, your CAs, and your office need an upgrade in CA training.  And not just some generic CA training…turn your CA into a SUPERSTAR!

You are too close to your CAs to help them Much like your children, they get used to you and they tend to coast or even stagnate.  Ever play sports on a team when the coach had a child on the team?  You can’t coach your own kids because your emotions ruin objectivity.  You need somebody from outside of your office to pay attention to them and listen to their needs in order to upgrade their training and administrative skills once and for all.  You’d be surprised what ideas they have about increasing your practice, but without proper training, they will never be realized and made practical.

Are you ready to reclaim your economic freedom and feel great about your office again? When the secret enemy has been addressed in your office, you will put your office on the fast-track to success.  It’s all about creating a positive office environment and delivering it.  The CA success system works in any town, anywhere with any person. Today’s success systems for CA’s are not rocket science…they can be learned by anyone.  But you have to first identify the SECRET ENEMY to your office and take action to do something about it.

Why Do you Call it a SECRET ENEMY?  Because it’s nearly impossible for a DC to see it in their own office.  They can see it in a colleague’s office immediately or another doctor’s office, but darn near impossible to spot it within their own. The invisibleness of this is analogous to how people feel about their pets and their kids.  “My dog would never bite you”… as blood is streaming down your leg.  “My child would never do such a thing”… as their hands are covered with red spray paint.  We all laugh, however you are doing this right now with your valued CAs and putting the growth of your office at risk!  They are such a valuable asset and yet you are searching everywhere else for solutions to your problems –investing and training your CAs is the answer.

It seems as quality new patients dry up, profit margins diminish, insurance paperwork and frustration increase… you begin to experience the feeling of overwhelm or hopelessness.  You begin to accept your circumstances and say ‘that’s just the way it is right now’.  A shrinking practice is not a whole lot of fun.  Until you have recognized and eliminated the secret enemy in your practice, you will continue to look for outside solutions to your problems, instead of working from the inside out.  Wouldn’t it be great to actually look forward to Monday mornings with a full schedule of new patients and an appointment book filled with enthusiastic patients?  How about eliminating the sickening feeling of doing thousands of dollars of work and not collecting the money that is owed you?  Stop the Sunday night dread of worrying about where new patients and income are going to come from once and for all.

But my CA’s are different.   If you caught yourself saying this, or thought that my CA’s already have enough training…you have a secret enemy that is invisibly stalking you and ruining your practice right under your nose. Instead of rejecting a new concept that can help, give Dr. Ed the opportunity to help your CA’s be profit centers in your office.  Believe it or not, they want to be more helpful in your office; however, their inadequate or outdated training handicaps them.  This leads to frustration for the DC as well as the CAs.

Reclaim your economic freedom, NOW! Register for Dr. Ed’s CA seminar immediately.  He has been training and coaching CA’s for years.  Not only is this for the CA’s, the DC also needs to be there.  If your spouse works in the office, she also needs to be there.  Can you say ROAD TRIP?  Nothing builds morale in an office like a road trip.