As I Prepare to Graduate…

The New Renaissance Gallery

As I prepare to graduate from Life University’s Chiropractic Program on FRIDAY, I am full of emotions. I am excited, anxious, extremely happy, humbled, proud, relieved and ready. I am excited to start creating the future of my dreams with my fiancé (Marc Steiner who is also graduating with me!). I am anxious to officially receive the title “chiropractor” to get to work on opening up our office. I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to celebrate my accomplishments with family. I am humbled to become a part of this sacred profession. I am proud not only of myself but also all of my classmates that are becoming colleagues. I am relieved that I made it through the strenuous program. And I am ready to move forward as a chiropractor to make this world a healthier, happier place.

Why is it that I am not feeling scared, fearful, worried or nervous like many of my other classmates? It is absolutely because I have had TNR with me every step of the way along my chiropractic journey. In the beginning of school when I thought I couldn’t make it through 14 classes at once, I had TNR to constantly reveal my strength. When I would find myself getting “too academic” or overwhelmed with the variety of clubs and organizations on campus, I had my TNR family for constant clarification of my purpose. I attended every TNR seminar possible throughout my school career to constantly be re-fueled and have my passion for chiropractic re-ignited. Without TNR, it would have been extremely easy to become worn out and complacent through school. I acknowledge that the information we learned in school serves a purpose as the foundation of our education. We learned what was necessary to obtain chiropractic licenses. With that being said, the “chiropractic” we learn in school is not really anything like chiropractic in the real world. I wouldn’t be so confident in that fact if it weren’t for TNR. I was able to have successful chiropractors hold me accountable and honestly relay what it takes to be an on-purpose, compassionate chiropractor.  I was able to have my true essence revealed when I couldn’t quite see it in myself.

TNR has taught me that continual growth, inspiration and determination is what is necessary to be the best I can possibly be. It has taught me the importance of making a genuine connection with every person I meet. It has revealed to me an entirely different dimension of the infiniteness of chiropractic. I will always get chill bumps and butterflies in my stomach thinking about the incredible opportunity I have every day as a chiropractor to work with one’s innate intelligence to make them a better human being; every time, every adjustment. How freaking awesome!!! TNR has completely prepared me for life as a once-in-a-lifetime DC.  THAT is why I am not fearful to walk across that stage. I know that I have put in the effort. I believe in myself and everything TNR stands for. The path Marc and I will travel as chiropractors is just waiting to be created. And I know that I have a family that will always push us to be better and will help in any way possible to ensure our success; because successful chiropractors are the ones making the impact. Healthier people, healthier planet!