Is it Time for Microcurrent Facials in Your Office?

time for microcurrent facials

As you may know, DCs are free to practice in any style they care to, as long as it falls under the scope of practice allowed in their state. Through this post, it is not my intention to convince, prove or shame any DC’s particular style of practice. Social media can be fun and entertaining, but can also contain a lot of sorrow, especially when you come across a post that just doesn’t sit right with you.  Below is an excerpt from an online review of a DC that I recently came across on social media. Unfortunately, the review didn’t praise the DC for her expert chiropractic care, but rather applauded her for administering microcurrent facials in a beauty shop. After all, don’t all DCs have a burning passion to administer facials instead of saving lives with adjustments?

“The Chiropractor was wonderful to work with and the Microcurrent Facial she gave me was fantastic.  I had it earlier today and everyone agreed that my skin glowed and looked firmer.”  

In the never-ending quest to provide income producing services (other than Chiropractic) that customers want, this one stood out. But let’s not make her out to be a villain or a bad person.  Her sagging income was the same as the skin of the person who received the facial…it needs bolstering.  She is in a tight spot and is willing to perform almost any service to produce income for her family.

Several years ago, bra fitting in DCs offices was all the rage (Illinois DCs are grimacing in agreement here).  There is an endless list of non-chiro related services available for DCs to provide their customers that’ll allegedly produce income, but come at a price that costs you your personal and professional integrity. A DC license is not needed to perform most skin aesthetic services and yet it’s not uncommon to find DCs doing these things for survival, ultimately sapping their spirit.

What’s Really Going On Here?

For today’s Gen Xs and Millennials, opting out is a way of life.  Don’t like what’s going on with this channel, email, or website? Simply opt out.  The DC in question has unknowingly or unwittingly opted out of being a DC. Not because she wanted to, but because she simply doesn’t know how to help people successfully with Chiropractic. Nobody took the time to show her how sacred (and profitable) Chiropractic is.

The sad part about this wayward DC is that she individually loses big time and feels as though Chiropractic has let her down.  But Chiropractic is not in a beauty salon, she is!  Her self-image and confidence is as saggy as the skin of her beauty client.  Her spouse thinks Chiropractic is a joke, and he’s paying down her student loans.  Her clients think Chiropractic is a joke; how many times does she have to answer the question of why a DC is doing this? The profession loses collectively as another young DC pushes the opt out button away from Chiropractic, and the world will never get to experience her greatness.

Bright Shiny Objects are Not New in Chiropractic!

From Doppler ultrasound (okay, okay it was a hit a while ago), decompression, and laser to spa treatments, massage, and physical therapy, the bright shiny objects (BSO) options are endless.  There is nothing wrong or right with BSOs.  But spoiler alert: All BSOs eventually go out of style.  You can buy lasers on Ebay for pennies on the dollar. The same goes for decompression.

The astute DC must ask him/herself, ‘If I were busier serving people with adjustments, would there even be time for these other activities?’ You didn’t get $200,000 in debt to earn $25 per facial!

Just remember, Chiropractic adjustments don’t go out of style, only Chiropractors do.

Bring Back the Fundamental Principles to your Office

You went to school to become a DC and deliver adjustments, but then something happened.  Our good friend Kenny Smoker (Wellness Director for the Fort Peck Tribe in Poplar, Montana) says his people on the reservation are currently experiencing third-world conditions because they lost their traditional values. They lost their moral compass. What’s the philosophy, the big idea, or the application to all people (including kids) with a facial?  There just isn’t any.

I challenge every DC reading this to increase their adjustments by 10 this week.  Just 10 visits and watch how your swagger comes back.  Everyone, from your patients to your spouse and kids, will notice that you are back in the game.  Then try for 10 more the following week.  We recently had a cyber-stalker (someone who reads and views everything TNR) report he has increased his practice by 120 visits just by applying the concepts on the webpage.

Don’t opt out or get seduced away from Chiropractic for the lures of the fools’ gold BSOs provide.


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