It Was Never This Bad Before!

it was never this bad before

I get that most DCs go through slumps, but this is ridiculous! Only 6 new patients this month and last month was more of the same. Our family dog needed to go to the emergency vet for some expensive repair after getting into it with another dog. The CAs seem to be in LaLa-Land and my spouse seems to be in her own little world as well. I can’t handle the kids signing up for one more activity, when we’ve already maxed out our schedules.

Don’t people in this town know how good of a DC I am? It seems like I work harder and more often for less than ever before and my administrative duties and cost are at an all-time high. People seem to be more demanding and less appreciative of my efforts across the board. Practice is beginning to become just a job and helping people isn’t as fun as it once was.

It’s so easy to lose your purpose in practice. Your purpose is your rock, it’s the thing that when all else fails is still supposed to be there. When it begins to disappear it starts out invisibly, like the first few moments of dusk. The next thing you know it’s pitch black out.

Several of our members were at the Life University festivities (LifeVision) over the weekend where several class reunions took place. At the 25th reunion, several of our members were struck by the large amount of former classmates who had lost their ‘mojo.’ Sure they’re all still DCs, but time has tempered their enthusiasm and love of ‘tic.’ Our members were asked repeatedly about their retirement plans, but none seemed to have any idea…they’re all having way too much fun, success, and miracles to pull the plug just yet.

Working with people has a tendency to wear you down, especially when they’re coming at you from all directions, demanding you take their pain away in just a few adjustments. Is this all we are good for…pain relief? Where is our unique factor, like wellness care and kids?

When you’re constantly working with hundreds of DCs it becomes plain to realize that when a practice doesn’t reflect the talents and abilities of the doctor, purpose is either evaporating or non-existent.

Like a muscle, if your reservoir of purpose is not activated, it atrophies. We become a little less vocal, a little less of an advocate for our practice members, and we accept lower levels of financial achievement. We begin to agree with what can’t be done. Be the person from your past who rocked the boat and relish in all the possibilities of what CAN be done. One of the most gratifying parts of helping guide DCs is activating this ‘untapped potential’ and watching as all parts of their lives begin to change for the better. Just like high tide floods the shore, numbers and income rise exponentially and your new found mojo even shows at home!


Training DCs to become once in a lifetime DCs is an honor and a privilege for Dr. Kevin. If you are done playing small, click or call to begin the adventure of your life.