You Have the Right to Operate a Small Practice…Or Do You?

right to operate a small practice

Just coming off speaking at the CT Council X-Travaganza 2016 it was plain to see the vision of Dr. Matt Paterna. Now, I’m sure he gets lots of help, but by the A-list speakers assembled, his ‘hands on’ approach, actually sitting in on my presentation, and asking questions during Q&A , I’d say the state of CT is in good hands with his leadership.

The New Renaissance Gallery

At every speaking engagement there is always a wide variety of DCs in attendance who each have varying levels of ability and ambition. While I was getting checked in at the registration desk, I noticed there were several DCs who waived the license credit renewal hours. I struck up a conversation with one of them, a sharply dressed dude maybe in his early 40’s and asked why he didn’t want the license credit hours. He replied that he attends many seminars and has many times the necessary hours. He is always on the lookout for ways to become a better DC; a better communicator of Chiropractic.

The DCs at these events always fall into two categories; the ones that seize the learning opportunity, and the ones that are just there because they need to be. The DCs who are actually excited to be there are the ‘all in’ DCs. Even during breaks these participants love to come up to ask questions and get opinions on everything from fees for adjustments and the reality of VSC to adjusting infants and wellness care.
You always have to break off answers with these DCs because the seminar needs to start up again.

I love to see the excited mannerisms and physiology of some of the ‘all in’ DCs. They have a charisma that is palpable and almost exude a certain confidence. These DCs add to the experience with their presence, energy, participation and attention; they don’t just sit there. They are always focused on how to become a better DC. They are lifetime learners and it shows in their practices.

On the other hand, you have the DCs who use their breaks as just that. These are the people who retreat to the comfort zone of their cell phones and wait for the continuation of the seminar. Some DCs are just not excited about Chiropractic. They only go to license renewal seminars and it shows. Even though they attend the seminar, they are only there physically and are a million miles away mentally. They do just enough to get by, and never more than what is needed.

You can’t force a DC to become better any more than you can force them to truly care about their patients.

After seeing thousands of DCs at events like these, I am more convinced than ever that these types, while greatly skilled, just don’t know how to relay this information to their patients. For some, it is a lack of effective communication skills. While others are practicing ‘dial up’ Chiropractic and other outdated ways of practicing; there’s nothing wrong with their clinical skills, yet everything wrong with their presentation. People just don’t get them. Many DC’s want to practice a certain way, but have given up on practicing with freedom because up until now, it has eluded them. So many DCs I meet want more from their practices. Whether it’s helping kids or working on segments of the population often abandoned by DCs (difficult cases that insurance doesn’t cover), these DCs want something above and beyond merely adult musculoskeletal care.

You see, while you have every right to have a small practice, you are in no way entitled to have a big practice. To have a big practice you are going to have to behave, think and act differently. You can’t have a big practice by doing just enough to get by. Each patient needs to feel as though you have exceeded their expectations, rather than just met them. In the world of ‘tic’, you can just get by and do the minimum or you can learn to become a once in a lifetime DC!

Training DCs to become once in a lifetime DCs is an honor and a privilege for Dr. Kevin. If you are done playing small, click or call to begin the adventure of your life.