Back from the West Coast

As you know, we just got back from crazy California…and boy did we make a name for ourselves! Well, maybe a few names. Here are some we heard:

  • Crazy guys in warrior shirts
  • Eagle flies through gap in teeth and grass doesn’t grow on mountaintop
  • Chiropractic saviors
  • Dr. Joe Flesia mini-mes
  • And on and on and on

As with many Washington DC’s (we were just out there, too), many did not know of The New Renaissance or what we did or what our message was. Once they heard about our world project Love Has No Color, they embraced us. They also enjoyed our message:

Every DC, regardless of size of practice or years in practice, needs to keep their purpose and passion at thermal levels.

If we let our passion slip, we stop telling the Chiropractic story and our practice becomes ordinary. As DC’s, we enjoy our reputation of being a miracle worker…but we have to earn it and guard it constantly.

Too many DC’s currently have practices that don’t reflect their true talents or abilities. The patient education and the number of children are the first things to slide in these practices. It’s hard sometimes to notice your purpose or passion slipping before something happens that grabs your attention and forces you to re-examine your life.

The Revitalization Seminar on November 5th is just one way we’re working to keep Chiropractic purpose and passion levels at an all-time high.  Love Has No Color is also an excellent way to stay connected, grounded, and compelled to do more in life.  We may be the crazy guys in warrior shirts, but there’s meaning behind that…join the meaning, be the meaning, and help us continue the meaning to better this planet!