California- Can you hear us yet??!!


You would not believe the night we just had at The Dead Chiropractic Society!  Thank you to Dr. Bill DeMoss for inviting us out there, we could not have asked for a better crowd, a better time, nor a better reaction and welcoming feeling.  If you’re unfamiliar with DCS, check them out here:

Now to continue and wrap up our West Coast tour, we’re heading to Dr. Joanne Buettner’s Santa Clarita office for an introductory seminar and then this evening we’re going to blow away 33 DC’s TNR-style!  We want to thank Dr. Joanne for having us, and for rounding up the coolest, most passionate DC’s she could find who want to be a part of our movement!  You should also check out 33 DC’s…they’re right on our wavelength!

Big stuff happening for TNR, but more importantly for the profession.  The world will be  much better place with more TNR DC’s…and that is not a wishy-washy, ‘world peace’ pipe dream.  Stand in truth and spread the word.  We love you!