Be, Do, and Get

Taking action to grow your practice can be a scary and frustrating decision.

A million questions (Where do I start?  Which way is best?  Is this a good idea?) and excuses (My spouse won’t want me working so much and they’ll criticize my ideas) will start to pop up.  Sure, go ahead and listen to them all if you don’t want to do anything about your practice problems.  Yes, make not knowing which way to go your “Why I Can’t Succeed” story.  You’re in a mess, maybe you’re making decent money, but you know you’re in a mess and should be finding a way out.

It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to get out of your mess!

There you are with a great spouse, kids, a house, and yet you are frustrated, angry and feel like quitting.  You are in the paralyzing grips of not performing up to your expectations.  The debt is mounting and your practice is stagnant; or worse yet…in a slow steady decline.

You get some new patients from the web, some marketing, some ads and…

You only get a temporary increase in your stats, followed by the predictable bottoming out the following month.  Your overhead is rising and your net profits are shrinking.  You keep getting pulled into additional ways of producing income from weight loss to teeth whitening.  You didn’t go to school to help people lose weight.  You went to save lives and help people with Chiropractic- including children.  This miracle profession has turned into merely a job.  What have you got yourself into?

Without an upgrade of your communication skills, practice will continue to be difficult

Demanding patients, less and less third party reimbursement, paperwork, staffing issues, CA drama, and patients just not getting it are just some of the problems of faulty communication skills.  It’s not how you practice Chiropractic…it’s your delivery of Chiropractic.  You are not currently communicating in a language that your people speak.  This does not get better with time.  Some things to remember:

  • You are not their friend  You were not trained in Chiropractic school to be a leader. Unfortunately, you’re taught to give people what they want and everything will be okay.  “You’ll be my friend.”  With this as your mantra, people will walk all over you.  Ever try to have friends as patients? Your drinking buddies will not see you as a leader, nor will they take you seriously. You get the idea.
  • You can’t ride the horse until you have a relationship with it  Try to ride a horse without a relationship and you will get the behavior you deserve…kicking, biting and bucking.  Trying to give people what they (symptomatic relief with no patient education) want without a relationship, including boundaries, is just as futile.  When you ask for commitment from people without a relationship, they will kick, bite or buck you.  Commitment is money, bringing kids in, and following your recommendations.
  • Spouses don’t mean to…but they put pressure on you  Most spouses see Chiropractic as just a job…nothing more and nothing less.  “Why can’t you shut up about Chiropractic,” they ask?  “It’s none of your business what parents do to their children.”  Problem is: we care.  It’s not just a job…it’s a vision that burns deep inside of us.  When our spouses don’t understand this, it puts more pressure on us, our relationships and our office.  And if your office is not performing the way it should…it makes it look like our spouse may be right.  This is exactly the time when many accept low levels of achievement and lower their expectations.  This dynamic is one of the most overlooked and fundamental in our profession.  Continue to do nothing and it could cost you your marriage, hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost income and a lost dream.
  • If you are earning an allowance instead of a Chiropractors income…it’s your choice  People in our coaching program average almost 30% increases annually across the board.  Some significantly higher than that average.  New practitioners, established DC’s, associates, independent contractors…it doesn’t matter where you are or where you’ve been. It matters that you are done with being under-recognized, under-acknowledged and underpaid.  When you rediscover your lost dream for Chiropractic, the impossible seems possible.  Not only are you helping more and more people, being challenged on a positive plane, being needed more by your people, you making a ton of income.  Imagine earning an extra $100,000, $200,000 per year?  Where would your life and practice be at that level of achievement?

End the frustration today and stop waiting for things to get better!

You must make things happen

After all, it’s not your fault you’re in the mess you’re in, however, it is your responsibility to get out…nobody will do it for you.

Call 800-525-3879 to schedule a private, complimentary consultation with a Chiropractic coach who is actually a DC, has lived the subluxation-based Chiropractic dream, and wants to see you reach whatever goals you set for yourself.

Maybe Chiropractic coaching is not for you…but aren’t you at least curious to find out what makes The New Renaissance so different and able to keep our members breaking records month after month?  Schedule your no-obligations consultation TODAY.

It’s already February.  How long will you wait to get 2012 on track?


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