Telling the truth about Chiropractic

Holy cow…we cannot even begin to recap on how fantastic last weekend’s seminar was.  Inspiring?  Yes.  Motivating?  Yes.  But most importantly, it was pure truth.  Every word spoken was pure truth about Chiropractic and changing the world.  No fluff, no softening the blows…just pure truth about Chiropractic.

We received an email the other day from a TNR DC who had been invited by a former colleague to stop ‘fooling around with Chiropractic’ so she could finally make a living. The TNR DC was not only appalled because she is very successful as a subluxation-based Chiropractor, but also saddened that her former DC friend, turned ‘laser beam therapist’ – was caught in a lie.

I’m sure you know many DC’s who have that preconceived notion that ‘there’s no money in Chiropractic’. You maybe trapped into this belief yourself because times have been tough.  We’re here to tell you that – IT’S A LIE!!! You can be successful as a Chiropractor and much much more so than being a ‘therapist’, a ‘weight loss laser beam specialist’, or anything that does NOT involve correcting subluxations.

Isn’t that what you went to school for? Didn’t you want to make a difference in people’s lives? If you wanted to be a weight-loss laser beam therapist, you could have just stuck with taking classes online or the community college.  But you didn’t.

It’s a big fat MYTH that you can’t be successful TELLING THE TRUTH about CHIROPRACTIC.  If you were at this last seminar in Detroit, you heard Dr. Billy DeMoss and you know just what we’re talking about.  If not, mark April 14th on your calendar.  Enough of this watering down Chiropractic, this insane shame we feel by wanting to see whole families instead of a grump with a backache…it starts today.  Your journey starts today.  You can change the world and be successful, TNR is comprised living proof.