The top 5 reasons DC's fail in practice…and in life!

We’ve been sending out a series of emails to DC’s all across the country (Not on it?? Go here and enter your info at the bottom!) about the top reasons DC’s fail.  In our years of experience, not only as Chiropractic coaches, but also as DC’s, we know this top 5 inside and out.  However, we also know how to overcome each of them and how to succeed.

We’ve noticed more people have been opening these emails than any other subject matter we’ve ever sent out in the past.  Thus, proving that people would rather move away from pain, rather than toward pleasure.  Nobody seems to care when we tell them “Double your practice!” or “Improve your life!”  They want to see the 5 reasons DC’s fail…to make sure they’re not doing any of them…which they probably are.

The crazy thing is: they’ll read the email, realize they’re doing at least 1 of the 5 (if not all of them), but still not do anything about it.  Help is literally right in front of them, just a simple phone call away, but they refuse to ask for it.

Where did we learn this mantra that you have to be self-sufficient and asking for help is a sign of weakness?  Growing up you had teachers and coaches who helped you along, but the second you’re an adult it’s uncool and supposedly a waste of your time.

And that, my friends, is a huge reason many people fail to reach their potential.

That mindset is a killer, and we’ve all fallen victim to it at some point in our lives and careers.  Just ask for help.  No matter what it is.  If you don’t trust anyone, it’s a reflection of your trust level with yourself.  Are you constantly afraid you’ll let yourself down?  Let your family down?

Ask for help.  We’re just a phone call away.